The guy who should make use of that finger day (on the B3st girl)


He’s not wearing the collar in this picture…..

The anime airs tomorrow!

So I have a important announcement! Sometime last year we lost a brother to the harsh climates of RLF stuff. However, he has returned!

Welcome back YASCOB!!!!!!!

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47 Responses to The guy who should make use of that finger day (on the B3st girl)

  1. mark99k says:

    Hell yeah welcome back man and also FIRST!!! Please get to translating soon

  2. ftxnexus says:

    Such a good start of the year. Ive only gotten good news lately ^^

  3. blahto says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hmm….. that title post……..

  4. bob says:

    that post sounds naughty lol

  5. gldarklord says:

    His harem is not complete yet……

  6. None says:

    Mmmm… finger on b3st girl… *fap fap*

  7. TheVagueAdmiral says:

    So on himself then?

  8. jralvarez1 says:

    Oh, welcome back uhh… (let me check the name again)…YASCOB, congrats 😀
    And super hyped for tomorrow.

  9. happinezz001 says:

    If I remember it correctly on who edits what it should be


    Right ?

  10. Ashmedia says:

    The guy who should “make use of that finger” day – if you know what i mean LOL

  11. bob says:

    i saw ganit black mech machine what got me interested in this nothing else lol

  12. bob says:

    people are asking is this novel going be posted on bt to just remember that

  13. goodguy1206 says:

    I swear if this gets licensed. I will cry

  14. devilsadvocate6 says:

    shit i am so excited!

  15. None says:

    YORUKA-CHAN IS ON THE OPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yascob says:

    Well, technically it was the lack of gakusen chapters to edit after all of the RL stuff blew over. Either way, glad to be back.

  17. sidusatra says:

    watched ep 1 and that was….COOOOOOOL

  18. and i believe yen-press already stalking behind, since anime comes up

  19. Derrick Light says:

    i dont think so, because the anime first episode dont really seem to make me exicted. So, Yen press havent really …..But i just hope that the anime didnt broke the LN story, The battle between LUX and princess have been reduce alot(it should be more Badass,That what i think )

  20. that’s because it’s going to cover 5 volumes in 12 episodes, so they are going to cut some things, i hope they don’t fuck it up. i liked the first episode.

  21. bob says:

    yen press hasnt taken dxd or radukai yet so there might be hope xd be yenpress need slow down jsut focus what they got it takeing 6 to 8 month translate 1 light novel to english

    • no, they take approx 4 mths for a volume. And it’s kinda regular. And the speed at wich novels tend to be released in japan. So, if not for the late start, they would’ve had a really good pace

  22. KozuKy says:

    somehow those people hating Saijaku because it has “Bahamut” name on it really pisses me off.

  23. bob says:

    im surprise i dont see sao comment sao comment every dang anime now it seems

  24. neo says:

    Sigh it’s anime like these that make me wish that Van and B3 where web novels. Maybe it’s my own selfishness. Anyways I hope you update with new chapters soon and let’s us know if we fans can be if any help. Kay?

  25. Azope says:

    Hey i have see your are french me too. i want ask 2 question i want read ln but today i can only read manga because of furigana because i know only like 900 kanji have you some astuce for reading ? And for gakuen you stop it but can you continu in french because somme reader are french and i dont think it will be licenced soon.

  26. bob says:

    i tihnk it be faster snice already written all got do translate all volumes

  27. nicholaevich says:

    *cough*cough*cough* IT LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE THAT DAMN INFINITE STRATOS!!!!! Tiamat looks too much like Cecilia’s Blue Tears. dat cannon on the right hand, those interceptors, and above all, a tsun and a baka/dense.

  28. mivdyr says:

    are you still translating saijaku muhai no bahamut?
    because after watching the first two episodes, i have found that i really prefer the novel over the anime

  29. YoloGG says:

    bad adaptation really want to cry because i really get my hope high for the anime but after watching it 3 episode…….seriously 2 episode for 1 volume ???

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      My sorrow is deeper than the Hole in Ymir.

      • Best Girl Never Wins says:

        I actually quite “liked” the adaptation. The fact that they’re changing the content to suit the pacing rather than trying to force-fit the novel into 45 minutes of moving action is a sign of good adaptation work, honestly. For example: although the Lizsharte fight lacked the intensity, it’s actually more a result of terrible, overexposed lighting than it is scene-cutting. Granted, they should have shown how abnormally fast Lux moves even in a mere Wyvern, I hold that against them.

        But then they improved a few other things. Lux doesn’t do that poor performance for the Knight Order, instead Lisha upgrades his Wyvern as a conscription gift. Instead of KO-ing the Old Empire’s remnants, Lux murders them straight out, which is an arguable case on whether or not it matches his guilt and trauma, but is definitely more badass. The thematic significance of “Hero” and “Prince” is intact, maybe even better presented, and Lux’s dilemma is rather touchingly recorded in that beautiful daybreak shot.

        Kurulucifer is so absolutely Best Girl, I’m sure the many downgrades to Volume 2 is just to give the other girls a fighting chance. Lisha is definitely more precious in animation than in text, and I’ve always been nurturing this strange fondness for Shalis/Shalice of the Triad.

        But really, we all know why we’re here. We want to watch Bahamut vs. Ahura Mazda or whatever that thing was called. And here is the final advantage the adaptation gave us: no more ass-pulls. In the novel, Lux is occasionally just too convenient. Like somehow predicting that the Demon Beast would swoop towards the audience, or expecting Kurulucifer to knock him out. I forgot how, but I remember that former case being much better handled in the adaptation. I’m certain they’ll improve the “Oh-I-definitely-knew-Kurulucifer-would-try-to-fight-them-alone” moment in the novel.

        Also, come on, we’re actually seeing Kurulucifer -moving-. I’ve taken, like, 15 screenshots of her so far, and that was only 3 episodes, before their relationship fully blossoms.

    • Think about it this way: The anime is there so we can better visualize the characters and story when reading the novel. When the anime is over, you can get a better view on the light novels’ story.

  30. neokryte says:

    Anime on cruchyroll? If not where?

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