Gakusen vol 8 chapter 1

Here is the chapter 1 of the volume 8 of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. Enjoy it.

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  2. Kinko says:

    He ? Wasn’t going to be licencied ? Not like i’m sad that you continue…

    • No one says:

      I’m not a big fan of yen press the only reason why because there are slow on updating the light novel. I don’t know about you guys kedai

  3. joe says:

    This is a Christmas present to us =] it will be dropped after he is done with volume 9. Thanks so much Setsuna!!!

  4. You won’t upload this to BT, right ?

  5. E3li3 says:

    thank you very much for the translation. I dont mind reading ahead and besides I plan to buy it when it comes out as well.

  6. Hysto says:

    i’m planning to read the whole volume, but thank you
    may i ask how much time (roughly) for you to translate a whole chapter? ^^

  7. Viet Anh says:

    please make a PDF file for vol.7

  8. Bailone says:

    I have to say a Big thank you for carrying on with for little bit longer.
    I got to ask are you still planning to do Saijaku no bahamut after I really enjoyed the 1st 2 volumes and you really are dame good at translating

  9. None says:

    WTFF they rush the anime like crazy, and the differences between the anime and LN are just insane

    • None says:

      Talking about episode 2

    • RandomName says:

      Yeah… They cut almost all scenes with Krulcifer and rushed 2/3 Volume in one ep – not sure if even AMA managed to do that. After this ep I just stopped caring about Asteriks. Setsuna, plz, move to Bahamut because it’s anime is just awful.

      • setsuna86 says:

        Well, isn’t it good in a way since Yen Press won’t take this and I’ll continue to translate it?

      • None says:

        Seconded, the level of disappointment is over 9000…

      • DigitalAK27 says:

        The anime is….. a sacrifice we must endure for the LN to be continued as a fan translated project.

        Endure my brothers and sisters!

      • RandomName says:

        And third ep also was adapted badly. Not only they removed fighting scenes showing how capable knights Lux and Krul are, but even all Krulcifer teases had been cut out to give Lisha more time. I will drop this thing… after end of Best Girl arc.

    • Neo says:

      Well. …. Here a thought and something setsuna or another TL can look into … what was the reaction to the anime in Japan? Did they have similar thoughts? How popular was it?

      Like it or not Japan anime economics are slightly different then typical entertainment industry.

      Here a friend of mine will explain:

      So the Japanese reaction could have been just not as popular so the speed up the storyline.

  10. Once volume 8 and 9 are done where might we readers find pdfs of the volumes?

  11. Neo says:

    On a random note they are going through the volumes pretty quickly on the BT3 anime. Penny for your thought about that.

  12. Just want to say thank you for doing this Setsuna! I know you don’t have to and it takes time. I too plan to buy on release. It makes it hard for fans to wait when it takes them so long to translate! I’m sure I speak for many others to just plainly and sincerely say thank you. I come here to read not BT. And appreciate your gift to us very much. Eager to see how these next too novels play out!

  13. D3M says:

    You’ll do Saijaku after Gakusen, right. How do you plan to deal with it? I mean the anime is covering each LN in 2 episodes. Although I think Krulcifer’s arc should take at least 3 episodes, there’s the ruins and the duel. The OP also shows Yoruka (I had hoped that she’d be in the 10 days countdown, the other pics were amazing) so the story will reach at least LN 5. I want to ask If you’ll do it serially or from the vol where the anime ends?

  14. Urug99 says:

    I really appreciate you translating these novels, I really enjoyed them and can’t wait to see what happens. It sucks gakusen got licensed =/ but I’m glad you are gonna continue to translate these last two volumes before you drop it. If you need any help with editing I’d be happy to help! (oh yeah thanks to the editors as well!!)

  15. Nam Vu says:

    Thank you Setsuna86 . I like Gakusen toshi so much .! I wish you dont drop it after vol 9. Thank you very much

  16. João Rosa says:

    Does anyone has the epubs of gakusen?

  17. subreaper01 says:

    Are you going to start translating volume 13 of Vanadis after gakusen is finished.

    • setsuna86 says:

      I’ve already said that after Gakusen, it’ll be Saijaku.
      Speaking of Madan vol 13, does anyone have the scan?

      • João Rosa says:

        I found spoilers only on

      • Chingaruna517 says:

        I found minor spoilers about Greast Arc via Animesuki forum, especially how Greast met his demise by his own execution device and the professed love from Tigre and Elen.

        Although I am not sure if the info is legit or not, Baidu forums claims more information that the 14th Volume will focuses the battle between the Moonlight Knights vs Muozinel Army,(not sure if it legit or not), and also Ganelon scheme to summon Tir Na Fal with other two demons (these demons aren’t Drekavac nor Vodyanoy.).

      • Shido says:

        I think Setsuna is asking for the raws (scan), and not for some spoilers.

    • Chingaruna517 says:

      The answer is nobody, and I wish that we have a book about what really happened prior Greast Arc there.

      That begs to question, @Setsuna I thought you have the 13th Volume of the Vanadis already, and you promised to get book from a month ago?

  18. dude i believe going for saijaku this late is imposible i mean the anime is about to reach vol 3 and the translation of gakusen goes there on pace so by the time you finish gakusen at least half year later you will begin saijaku vol 3 after the anime past that and i tell you do translation on a novel that at least the anime has covert is bad idead and i mean by the curse like noucome translations and seiryu no kishi that ended their respective translations on the anime the same them dropped you know why because people keep asking the translator to finish the vol of the anime more faster and that is because many seen the anime get bored for waiting something already the anime cover also dont forget after the translations comes editing that take a couple of months more and also real life stuff so what to do you ask? you can

    1 begin saijaku on the vol the anime reach to evade the curse of the anime novel translation that way everyone get patient and wait until translation comes since they dont know what happens next after the anime so they will wait


    2 go for madam since even vol 14 will be out after gakusen

    i tell you this not for been a dick but for been a fellow translator only that i translate english to spanish and i know how hard and fucked is translate stuff for fans and free on top and also on real life crap behind me man almost not enought time jess so i tell you be wise translate the stuff you can do and take your time but dont do the cursed line almost all translators them to drop in the end ok?

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      I understand where you come from. While I am not able to translate, I am on top of the saijaku community and know that the translation of Saijaku is still very much desired. The anime is being butchered and many express dissatisfaction towards the pacing and the details left out. It is true that the anime will eclipse the translation but the community here have been very patient for Saijaku to be translated. I think I can speak for the rest of the team when I say that it’s a promise that we will not break. At the same time the people here are very understanding that RLF matters comes first. All translation and edits will be done in a way that will not hinder RLF work, I appreciate the concern but we will manage Saijaku. Otherwise Dual Blades might burn a house down if we skip or drop it just before we work on the big busty blond. 🙂

  19. that is true lol is just hope doesnt end like ryu no kishi because the guy say it will not break and just go say the page in bakatsuki 0% all the time so if you continue it will be fine but dont fall in to the curse lol

    • Urug99 says:

      Well as someone who is actually enjoying the anime…I would still rather him start where he left off translating the LN. I may be enjoying it but it is being horribly rushed and I definitely want to continue reading the entire LN after the anime is done airing.

      I wouldn’t worry about some “curse” with this guy. You can tell he’s very dedicated and not only that he’s a fan of Saijaku (and I think everything he translates).

  20. None says:

    Krulcifer confirmed best girl mah boy 😀
    (see episode 3)

  21. happinezz001 says:

    and now the event that all krulcifer fans are waiting for

  22. n3wbx2 says:

    Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut, are you ever going to finish it, I CANT WAIT FOR THEE WEEKLY ANIME ANYMORE

    • Urug99 says:

      As was said before he’s going to finish the last 2 volumes of Gakusen before it’s dropped. Then Saijaku, unless Madan has another release before then.

      I’m a fan of both Gakusen and Saijaku and personally I’m very thankful he decided to TL Gakusen before he has to drop it. Anyways lets face it’s not possible for him to keep up with the anime at this point even if it was his top priority. Keep in mind he does this out of the kindness of his heart for us.

      Another note Ik everyone hating the anime but I’m actually enjoying the it. That last battle in ep 5 was wayyyy too rushed but ah well =/. I’m gonna enjoy the anime for now then come back and read the LN when the translation is back in progress.

      Any hope that chapter 2 will be posted this week? Thanks guys! I’d be happy to help out with editing if you ever need a hand.

  23. slothslayer says:

    Thanks you very much for the translations of gakusen toshi asterisk!! please continue with it until it finishes! I feel very bad with all the incomplete n banned LNs on BT. i suggest yu not post there n continue to maintain this site! 🙂

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