Intro + Raws

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Hello, I am Yascob you guys may remember from working on the last gakusen volume or just noticed that a guy who wasn’t DualBlades was editing. I decided it was about time to introduce myself but have not had much time because family is over at my house for Christmas. I managed to find a bit of time to write a post. Here is a little about me: I’m a university student in who lives in Canada and I also have Australian citizenship. I am learning both Japanese and Latin and I’m in a Computer science program. I read a lot of light novels and manga. I also watch some anime as well. I won’t go over how I became an editor because it’s probably quite similar to most other editors. Any without further ado the second half of the post.

Setsuna asked me to post something in his place because he is on a trip. Basically he needs raws but not PDFs or anything where the text is not retrievable from the file. He needs it in a text format but using an OCR takes too long and can occasionally give a incorrect kanji. Rather than do it himself and waste a lot of time he wants to see if anyone can provide the raws in text format for Gakusen volume 7 and Saijaku volume 4 and 5. It would be a great help and will probably free up a little of Setsuna’s time.

I hope you guys had a (happy)merry Christmas and that your new year will be great. I’ll see you guys in the new year with some edits.


For those interested in my blog here is a link.

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17 Responses to Intro + Raws

  1. Sabaddon says:

    Salve! It’s nice to see that Latin hasn’t died off. I’ve survived 5 years of it and by the time I graduated my Latin class was reduced to 10 students.

  2. Kuratatsu says:

    Hopefully people will recognize you a little more now, they don’t seem to notice the update bar all that much lol. Btw are you still translating that manga? it seemed pretty interesting, anyways forgot to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to Setsuna, Yaskii, and Nitouryuu xD

    • yascob99 says:

      Not at the moment . I’ve got too much going on with editing and my own story that I have on my blog. I also recall someone else started to translate it. I still have plans to do my own translation to improve my skills then compare it to the other translation.

  3. Ashmedia says:

    Yascob is it ok if it’s scanned raws?, i might be able to find some

    • yascob99 says:

      I don’t think it will be. The whole point is that a text format simplifies the process however if someone has a good OCR software they may come in handy so if you find the keep the links or files so if we need them it can be used although if the resolution is not good enough they cannot be used.

      • 13thdan says:

        I suggest you can use this OCR software ( )
        It was good scanning Japanese text and have auto correct character that was too handy. I use it scanning light novel to text format and translate on google and other machine translator thou it was bad. 😦
        the problem it is a a paid program but you can crack it using this (

        This may help you alot. 😀

      • yascob99 says:

        That is not quite what he needs; it’s more that rather than do the OCR by himself he’d prefer the raw to already be in a text format. I do beleive he already has a OCR program as well. I also did say that OCR programs, no matter how good will make mistakes so those probably need to be checked as well.

  4. ayato says:

    yay fellow Canadian

  5. SaM says:

    i dont know how to read japnese can i learn online

    • Kuratatsu says:

      You can learn online or through books or whatever but only if you put in effort, you could buy a hundred books and still not learn a thing without putting in the necessary time. I have spent 4 years learning it now and know around 1500 kanjis and still prefer to read English translations if it’s available. Anyways if you want a place to start out I’d suggest wikipedia xD it has a lot of useful beginner grammar and conjugations from what I remember.

    • Sai says:

      Been trying to do exactly the same thing. The commonly used kanji are around 2000+ ish. Currently what I’m doing is learning and memorizing those using an app named anki and reading light novels on syosetsu with the assistance of a kanji to Romanji converter website. It basically changes the word we scroll our mouse over to Romanji and has an added option of eng translation as well. Quite nice, imho. Get to see the sentence structure and where you use certain kanjis.

      Kanji list from:
      An amazing list, imho. The descriptions and breakdowns are nice.

      Kanji – Romanji converter:

      Memorizing tool:
      Quite a famous memorizing app. Computer and android are free. Sadly, isn’t for ipad and iPhones.

      Well, that’s basically it. Nothing fancy so far needed as of yet.
      Most of it are the effort and time, perhaps. But getting to read a bit more of the novels you want to one at a time and at an increase of pace are very much worth it. 🙂
      Very enjoyable.

      But yeah, reading in eng is Much much Much more easier. ;P
      You don’t get dem brain cramps.

  6. just requesting if possible says:

    btw can you make mobi of madan v9 and 10? just hoping. Thanks

    • yascob99 says:

      I might be able to. I’ll try but no garentee on quality or how long it will take. I do have some experience in doing it myself. Another option is to try making one yourself. If you have time and don’t mind messing around a bit try a program called Calibre. It’s free and can convert files from one format to another as well as it can read all of those formats. Also depending on your device a mobi may not even be necessary because most tablets and readers can either already read common formats like PDFs and EPUBs or can download free software to read them. Well I might do it and make PDFs, EPUBs, and MOBIs for all the other volumes if I feel like it when I have time.

  7. DarknessWithin says:

    yascob99 can you post the the link for your blog so I can read your story.

  8. kerambit says:

    Yascob, do you still need the raws converted into text files? I can start on Saijaku vol 4 and have a reasonably OK text raw ready in a couple of days.

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