What I’ve decided based on some complaints

I’ve decided to update the other chapters of this volume all at once.

I’ve received complaints recently about the consistency of the sentences of chapters. Well, I don’t say that those who raised these complaints are mistaken; it’s just that I posted chapters quickly because there are people who are always impatient to read them. And I didn’t have any problems with it as I was telling myself “as long as it makes sense, I’ll post the chapters”. But since there are those now who complaint about the typos, repetitions of sentences and the like in chapters, I and the editors would have no choice, but to properly check the sentences before posting the chapters. And I think it might take some time now before posting a chapter.

BTW, as asked in the previous post, is there someone who could provide me with raw doc. of Gakusen volume 7 and Saijaku volume 4 and 5? I think that having someone providing me with those will lighten my work.

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64 Responses to What I’ve decided based on some complaints

  1. WishUm says:

    Though I’ve never had any complaints about your translations, I respect your decision. Also, just wanted to point this out b/c I had to read it three times: In the sentence “I’ve received recently about the consistency of the sentences of chapters”, you are missing the word “complaints” in between “received” and “recently”. Hopefully you don’t see this as me being obnoxious.

    • setsuna86 says:

      Hahaha, thanks! I fix it

      • kenneth says:

        Hi im a college student and have been a great fan of your works starting with madan no ou to vanadis then gakusen then saijaku. I do not know japanese, but im really proficient with the english language. I would like to offer my help in the editing process if its only about correcting sentence structures and grammar. Please inform me if you need my help. Thank you 🙂

  2. joeyabsolute says:

    The sentences are OK there is no need to nitpicky

    • Zessty says:

      I agree. As long as it’s possible to understand what they’re saying with even a little effort, I’m OK with it. Sure, at some parts, specific wording from the characters may be important, but I don’t think setsuna/dualblades need to go back through the whole thing to be honest. The quick methods are acceptable to me.

  3. lykaon says:

    I don’t see what the problem with the sentences are. I mean, yes, there may be some mistakes, but I can still understand what it’s trying to say. I personally don’t see what the problem is. Either way, thank you for all the work you do Setsuna. I also want to thank dualxblades and yascob. Thank you for your work as well.

  4. Ashmedia says:

    might find them docs but i do have them raws of Saijaku

  5. Nishaven says:

    There may be mistakes but it isn’t the extent of unreadable. But I respect your decision. Thank you for your works.

  6. hajiko says:

    I don’t mind those mistake since i can understand what it means and i know that translating is not a easy task so errors happen but i want to thank you for your choice to take more of your free time to look over it for us thank you

  7. X says:

    There are no problem with it , I understand what it means .

  8. SilverBlossom_17 says:

    I can understand what they mean plus translating it is difficult task I really appreciate take time out of you day to help translate these light for people who can’t read them.

  9. kyosukedei says:

    I honestly don’t think those complaints mean shit since its YOUR FREE FAN TRANSLATION. Though its also your choice to listen to those silly people… why you so nice setsuna why?

  10. God Ginrai says:

    While I can not think of any time where I have had some problem with your translation, I actually like this decision due to my reading habits. I actually prefer to read a whole volume at a time so that I’m not sitting on endless cliffhangers, so your suggested release method actually makes me quite happy. I’m always tempted to read chapters before the volume is finished, so this makes it easier to wait. 🙂

  11. happinezz001 says:

    well I never noticed any mistakes nor do I complain also even if I spot any typos I just correct it in my mind and continue reading

  12. Genix says:

    I don’t mind the form of release (chapters o whole volume), actually, i’m thankful that you take some part of your free time and translate LN

  13. nahucirujano says:

    Setsuna, do you still need the Raws?

  14. Catrick says:

    How’s it going. I am not usually one to post comments but today I would like to. I have seen your translations for quite some time and I would like to say I Appreciate all the work you are doing in Translating these light Novels. My recommendation is do it the way you prefer to do it and forget the complaints. I am just glad to be able to read the LN’s you are translating and the free time you are taking to translate them for us.

    We are Humans of the 21st Century and a good portion of the human race is impatient unlike say 40+ years ago when nothing was superfast.

    Take your time enjoy your life and THANK YOU for the translations you are giving us.

  15. dualxblades says:

    Mhmm well I’m fine with this I guess. Doesn’t delay when I get to read/edit the chps.

  16. AThANa says:

    Already have something that you want. (Both Saijaku and Asterisk)

  17. Acoo' says:

    Wow Setsuna you’re the coolest translator I’ve seen until now. You make propositions, you leave to readers the choice for what to translate next with polls, and this, you even listen to complainers. I don’t know if they deserve this kindness while you sacrifice your free time for free translations. But why not, reading a volume in one go is good too.

    Merci et bon courage! 🙂

  18. Drunkhobbit says:

    Death to the ungrateful complainers, the fans, being the majority, will wipe their numbers!

    • Drunkhobbit says:

      PS give us their IPs we shall pee on their cats and they shall rue the day their arrogance eclipsed their ungratefulness.

  19. Bakanekokun says:

    Sayyyyy whaaaaa….who dare to complain? Jeez, I am just happy someone is translating these novel and posting them online for free. True when I finish reading a chapter and I am just itching to know what happen next, but it just the same as waiting for the next episode or next season of a TV series. Some people’s kids…you hand them a free gourmet meal on a silver platter and they complain that the platter isn’t gold or not enough condiments on it. I for one am grateful and thankful that you and the editors are doing this.

  20. RandomAnon says:

    By volume huh. So like monthly then. the only time i had a hard time with your translation was ur 1st translation on madan at bt, however it was much a better translation than most mtler’s

    • setsuna86 says:

      I don’t monthly. I mean only this volume 6 of Gakusen.

      • Yuuki says:

        Hi, thanks for your translation. And, if it’s only for this volume, I don’t think you have to do this. I mean, that’s not even necessary. Your translation are good and even there is some typo some times, people correct them in their head (at least me, while I read I correct directly in my head and continue to read).
        Good Luck !

      • Yuuki says:

        “if” there is. Sorry can’t edit with wordpress.

      • setsuna86 says:

        I understood what you want to say, so it’s fine.

      • Yuuki Kamijou says:

        Salut Setsuna, je t’ai envoyé quelques mails et je me demandais si tu les avais vu. (pas encore eu de réponse) Et encore merci pour tes traductions.

  21. hitotake says:

    about the doc version is something like this ?
    saijaku vol 4 prologue
    [using abby (for ocr)+ kanji tomo + GT for checking]

    checking the output from ocr take more time than scanning the text (still can’t expect 100% accurate) but i hope it can be help

  22. Cyndor says:

    Well, here’s me using omipage for Gakusen and volume 4 of Saijuku. I think Gakusen came out pretty good but apparently omnipage doesn’t handle double pages per image very well. I don’t even read Saijuku and spent too long (at night too) trying to get it to look better, but if you can find me some raws (I would look myself if i read it) that look like the Gakusen(1 page per image) I’ll OCR the other two volumes.



    I might look for the raws myself once I sleep all this frustration off but no promises =P.

    Hope this helped.

  23. Kerz says:

    I have absolutely no problem understanding but it’s your choice

  24. You’re doing fine Setsuna. I greatly appreciate the work you do, for free, under no obligation, for other people who cannot read Japanese to enjoy these works. So what if a sentence is a lil’ muddled? If you can’t figure out a word or apostrophe is wrong and can’t work around it, then might i suggest going back to school.

  25. Kyu says:

    Whoever is complaining about your translations should stfu and translate for themselves. Anyways thanks for your hardwork it’s appreciated.

  26. Tacalac says:

    Love your work setsuna !! those faggots should STFU and translate.

  27. Jharad says:

    I am satisfied with your work.

    stfu if you don’t understand it then make a site of you own.

  28. happinezz001 says:

    wow i’m seriously getting excited when this volume gets finished is it safe to assume it would be finished and posted by the end of January ?

  29. Vergil says:

    I read that you need raws. I can give you from volume 5 of saijaku muhai no bahamut. Sorry for my bad english.

  30. Lettuce says:

    So while you are translating are the editors already working on the chapters translated or do they get all of them once you are done translating all. Gues that would be a lot of work at once for them.

    • setsuna86 says:

      Thanks for the proposal, but I already have three editors for the three LN I’m translating, so for the time being, I don’t need your help; but I will definitely in the future, depending on how things turn

      • dualxblades says:

        Ahem* you mean two lol unless I count as two people huehuehue…

      • BloodAdept says:

        He got another person recently dual, for Saijuku. DigitalAK27 is the new editor

      • Lettuce says:

        I trink u misunderstand me so’n just curious Show long editing will take since translating ja almost done.

      • Hayato says:

        Hi Setsuna, I think you really misunderstand him. What he want to say is if the editors are already working on the chapters you finish or are they waiting you to finish all the chapters.

      • Lettuce says:

        Uh never again writing on tablet with autocorrect in a different language

  31. Peche says:

    I still haven’t started Reading this light novel, but knowing that i intend on doing so, i thank you to my heart content for you to translate it

  32. heartnet says:

    idc about errors.i really enjoy you works.keep it up sir!

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