CHAPTER 1 – The Return of the Strongest

“Uuh… It’s getting chilly today huh……”
There were about a few days until the date of the inner school selective battles to decide the representatives for the international tournament that awarded the right to investigate the ruins.
As a Drag-Knight it was the greatest event to display one’s abilities, the inside of the academy was full of tension that was also similar to exaltation.
On the night of such a day, Lux was walking through the school premises ── at the courtyard in the vicinity of the girls’ dormitory.
Within the darkness where the stars weren’t visible, only the lamp’s light that leaked out from the dormitory was faintly illuminating the stone pavement.
The main gate was already closed for the girls’ dorm that was located in the Royal Military Academy.
Because this place, an institution for rearing Drag-Knights that was located in Cross Feed, was an important place as a defense point, it also contained exclusive guards and the security was firmly ensured.
But, even so, outsiders who attempted to trespass and peep were never ending.
This was because, for human beings trying to commit a crime, this academy where noble young women from marriageable age commuted and where the super weapons called Drag-Ride resided was, so to speak, something like a treasure vault.
Therefore, the girls known as Triad, which was renowned in the academy, had been independently patrolling within the premises up until now but, since he had received a request, Lux was also participating in the patrol tonight.
(Though, if it was just that then it would’ve been fine. Why is something like this──)
As Lux’s cheeks reddened to the present situation,
“Huh? You ── I’ve never seen you before. Could you by any chance be…”
“Ah……? E-Errr, umm──”
Right in front of the girls’ dorm, as he was called out by a classmate who was in a dressing gown, he unintentionally raised a voice of surprise.
(S-She noticed it!? What do I do! If she recognized me with this appearance, then tomorrow, I’d become the laughing stock in the class──!?)
“A transfer student? That’s very unusually in this period.”
Towards the girl in front of him who dropped her interrogative face, a deep turmoil was born inside Lux.
After hesitating for several seconds, Lux resolved himself to deceive her.
“T-That’s it. U-uh……I was called by the headmaster, specially ──”
“Hmm. Well, if we happen to be in the same class then nice to meet you. Mm, as for me, I would’ve rather wanted that you were a boy, you know. Then again, that would be impossible in this academy”
After drawing close and fixedly gazing at Lux’s face, the girl made a wry smile.
(A-As expected, she noticed it!?)
The moment when Lux panicked for an instant,
“I mean, you’re seriously really pretty. There are a lot of cute girls in our academy, but none among them is top class. Ahh, no way no way. Another rival increases”
The girl sighed somewhat exaggeratedly while shrugging her shoulders.
“R-Rival you said……?”
“Yep, a rival who targets Lux-kun from my class. There’s only one boy in this academy right now. But, surrounding him are incredibly beautiful girls, I couldn’t approach him at all you know. If a beautiful girl like you were a boy, against a boy, the popularity would also be scattered a little and my chance to be able to talk to Lux-kun ──to that boy would increase even a little.”
As she pouted in a lovely manner, the girl said so.
“Ah, ahaha……”
In response, Lux couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
“Well then, good night. ……Ah! Recently, there seems to some male perverts appearing around the area, so be careful okay. A cute girl like you would be the first to be targeted”
“……Y-Yes. I will be careful”
While awkwardly waving his hand, Lux smiled as if troubled.
When the back figure and footstep sounds of the girl who went back to the dorm completely disappeared──
“──Hold up, why doesn’t anyone notice it!?”
Lux, who currently had the appearance of a female student, inadvertently shouted out.
Since he began with this appearance, he had already met with five female students, and yet not a single one of them noticed that it was Lux.
……Well, I guess it’s only natural.
He was only wearing a long chestnut-colored hair wig on his head and some girl clothing, but looking at a mirror, it was to the point where Lux himself also couldn’t believe his own eyes.
However, even so,
“D-Despite that, I still thought I would be exposed by my fellow classmates……”
He was saved thanks to no one asking him about the female clothing, but he was having staggeringly mixed feelings.
With a small sigh, with the purpose of resuming the request, Lux began to wander around the academy’s grounds.
“W-Was this really necessary……?)
While gently gripping the hem of his skirt and thinking such a thing, Lux thought back upon the event from just a little while ago.

“Errr…… a request to guard the academy’s premises ── is that it?”
On that day after school, Lux was called out by his female friends, and consulted with them in regards to a “certain request”.
The third year student and dignified leader, Sharis. His classmate with a lively personality, Tillfarr. And the cool girl who was also a close friend of his little sister Airi, Nokuto.
The request from the Triads, the renowned trio who formed a vigilante corps in the academy in addition to also causing various disturbances, was unexpectedly a serious one.
“Yep, that’s right. The academy’s security is, in truth, the guards’ job. But with just them, there are places which weren’t always patrolled.”
As Tillfarr folded her arms and showed a pensive look, Nokuto next to her also nodded.
“Yes. They also have their lives and the day also continues after nightfall. Meaning it would be impossible to keep up.”
“Especially at night, we, the Triad, voluntarily go around patrolling the premises and the girls’ dorm, but in consideration to the recent state of affairs here, we would like a little bit of assistance.”
Sharis summarized so and approached Lux.
“Therefore, Lux-kun. We have come to request that you participate with us for a short while starting from today. In order to protect the academy’s peace, won’t you become our strength?”
She asked so in a somewhat exaggerated manner.
(As usual, I don’t know whether she’s earnest or irresponsible; a truly a hard to understand person, huh……)
While wryly smiling in his mind, Lux consented like it was only natural.
“I got it. If I can be of some use, please allow me to help you”
When he answered so with a smiling face,
“Thank you. Just as one would expect of our academy’s prince.”
“Yes. As expected of Lux-san. Please allow me to offer my thanks, too.”
“Really, just as you’d expect from Lux-cchi. Thank goodness, I’m glad”
Matching Sharis’ expression of gratitude, Nokuto also lightly bowed her head, and Tillfarr showed a smile.
“No, if it’s an odd job like this then I would warmly welcome it but──”
Odd jobs.
The criminal Lux, who was a survivor of the royal family of the Old Empire that laid out misrule, was given this obligation at the time when he was acquitted through amnesty.
The agreement to receive odd jobs from any of citizens, even after transferring into this academy, had continued in the form of him undertaking odd jobs from officials and students but──.
(Everyone’s been giving me nothing but strange requests……)
Recalling that matter, Lux had a bitter smile.
Things like assistance with shopping and cleaning the room, those were still the better ones.
It was not unusual for Lux who was the only boy in the academy to receive outrageous requests, whether it was a joke or for real, from the young girls here who were interested in him.
A personal bodyguard for constant supervision, aiding in a body massage, an assistant for changing clothes. In the end……when he saw the letters spelling out help with bathing, he doubted his own eyes as would be expected.
And so, towards the request that seemed decent this time, he was frankly relieved, but──.
“……Hold on, what the heck is this!?”
Lux, who went to the waiting room of the training grounds to prepare for the request, unexpectedly shouted out.
The uniform which he was presented with a change of clothes from the Triad was for some reason a girl uniform.
A blouse and skirt beautifully well kept.
And, a chestnut-colored wig which was a high quality ornament.
“Well you see, since we had requested the headmaster and had her specifically arranged it, it’s fine to wear it without hesitating, you know?”
“That’s not it! The thing I’m worried about isn’t how you acquired this……um, why do I, with this kind of f…female clothing like this──”
“Lux-kun, calm down a bit. This is for the sake of a goal.”
Sharis put on a serious look and said to the embarrassed and flustered Lux.
“The main area we are guarding this time is the surroundings of the girls’ dormitory. In addition, it seems like there’s some male perverts who are prowling around the academy’s surroundings recently and peeping.”
In regards to that information, Lux was also alerted by the teacher and knew about it.
“If we were to disguise you as a frail girl, we will be able to strike during the interval where the pervert lowered his guard. Letting your anxieties die out in the face of vigilance. In other words it’s a decoy role. This is also to protect everyone in the academy. ……Do you understand?”
Pressed by Sharis’ nudging, Lux finally returned a nod.
As expected, he could not refuse when she earnestly requested him to that extent.
For Lux right now, this academy was an important place.
Even though they had been tormented with the tyrannical rule of the Old Empire and the customs of male supremacy over women for a long period, the girls of the academy had accepted him who was a criminal from the imperial family.
If it was to protect those girls, this much was──.
“Is that so, thanks. Well then, shall we immediately move on to the fun clothes changing time? Prince.”
Sharis smiled with a broad grin and extended her hands towards Lux’s chest.
As if matching her, Tillfarr who had been watching silently also held the uniform in her hands and Nokuto retrieved some perfume and a comb from a bag.
“Well then, let us change your clothes okay?! Lux-cchi, you don’t know how to put on a girl’s uniform right?”
“N-no……! I’ll give it a try on my own! Why are you all grinning!?”
“No. We have no ill intentions, so please relax. Sharis and Tillfarr, and I as well, it’s not like we’re taking advantage of the request and are eager to see the figure of you in girl clothes, because there’s no way we were thinking of that even a little.”
“There’s no way I can believe that!?”
Lux involuntarily retorted towards the indifferent Nokuto’s words.
However, resistance was already impossible.
“Okay okay. Shall we take it off quickly, Lux-cchi. No… Lux-chan”
“Lux-kun, I have also prepared underwear for girl use just in case, but?”
“Please stop, anything but that!”
Somehow he has struggled desperately only at the last line, but after several dozen minutes, he has been completely transformed into the appearance of a girl student.
“Uwah…!? T-This is beyond my imagination, by far──”
“Yes. For it to fit him this much, I have gravely miscalculated”
“S-Should we also give up on the makeup? E-Even like this now, it should be more than enough, so…”
While the three girls of the Triad gave their impressions as they pleased, Lux has hardened in front of the mirror as he felt extremely embarrassed.
“Rest assured Lux-kun. Anyone who looks at you right now would see a very beautiful aristocratic young girl student.”
“……I’m, not happy about this at all!”
Lux yelled with teary eyes towards Sharis who has placed a hand on his shoulder with a cheerful smiling face.

Afterwards, having checked how to walk like an aristocratic young girl and just simple mannerisms, like that he was participating in the patrol around the premises, however no suspicious-looking person appeared in the area at this time.
“Rather, it would really be fine if no one enters all the way into the premises but──”
Lux was worried about whether he wouldn’t be forced to have this appearance again.
He absolutely did not want to be seen, especially by his little sister Airi or the girls he was close to.
“But, I really have to be careful in a lot of ways──”
That’s right; Lux recalled the matter from just a few days ago.
In the incident surrounding Krulcifer who’s a transfer student from the religious country Ymir, the heir to one of the four Great Nobles of the New Kingdom, Barzeride Kreutzer was overthrown.
There were no doubts that he had committed various crimes behind the scenes, but for Barzeride who was said to have saved this Atismata New Kingdom, it seemed like it was arranged so that he would be given an important errand.
The largest and strongest Abyss said to exist within each of the seven ruins, Ragnarok.
As the fact that the former Old Empire of Arcadia had released one of those Ragnarok from the ruins came to light, from the Heiburg Republic came a demand to subjugate it.
If that demand were to be rejected then diplomatic pressure would probably come from the three countries alliance that Heiburg was a part of.
For the New Kingdom, that was an undesirable situation.
But, the subjugation of a Ragnarok cannot be dealt with through normal means.
It was a monster of mythical class to the extent that results have shown that for the average Drag-Knight, even if they formed a group they would still be unable to put up a fight.
Lux had already heard the story from Lisha and Principal Relie on the matter of the war council that was being held every day at the Royal Capital concerning the method of subjugation and the unit formation.
『If we were to consider someone from the fighting force of the New Kingdom who has a chance at victory ── there would be probably none besides Celestia at present』
The princess of the New Kingdom Lisha’s answer was as such.
She was a third year student and a girl from the four Great Nobles that was crowned with the title of strongest.
The highest prospect of victory was to have her lead a large force of the army and fight.
As for Lux who had defeated Barzeride who was a candidate for the spot of captain of the subjugation unit, he was in the position of wanting to request cooperation with Celis while apologizing for that fault but──.
(But, that person seems to be a great man-hater huh……)
He has heard many times of her military prowess, but the number one problem was that.
At present, the existence of Lux as the sole male in the academy was accepted by the first and second year students, while the third year students tolerated it, but when Celis returned there was no knowing what would happen.
Let alone asking for her cooperation, the possibility of Lux being chased out of this academy was not zero.
(I must think of a way or something…)
When Lux was thinking so while leisurely walking around the vicinity of the girls’ dorm,
“……? That’s──”
Feeling something was faintly out of place in the corner of his vision, Lux readied his guard.
At the grass thicket of the back gate, a place where the light of the bonfire didn’t reach, he felt like he saw the shadow of a figure.
“──Like I said, that’s what I thought.”
When Lux held his breath and hastened his pace, a voice could be heard from the vicinity of the rear entrance gate.
(They are talking with someone…? In such a place, at this hour?)
For a moment, the matter of the suspicious person floated across his mind, but Lux immediately realized it was something different.
The sound of a crystal clear voice and the elegant pronunciation belonged to a young noble girl.
Even so, as he concentrated his eyes in order to confirm just in case, the side face of a tall and slender girl leaped into his field of vision.
Judging from the uniform he was familiar with and the blue-colored necktie that represented third year students, there was probably no doubt that it was a senpai but; something was strange.
“──due to that, at that time I decided it was fine to remain alone in the Royal Capital. Even though I’m bragging about that decision, what do you think?”
The girl was speaking in a way as if she was talking with someone, but no one could be found in the surroundings.
(…What the heck is that?)
When Lux cocked his head in puzzlement,
A small cry could be heard from beside the girl’s feet.
“However, in my heart I was expecting someone to suggest remaining together. Yet, no one remained… Of course, I had intended to refuse even if someone suggested it but… Ah, please wait! The story isn’t yet──”
Appearing flustered, the girl extended her hand, but the cat ran away from that place.
(Hold on, she was talking to a stray cat! And moreover it ran away…!?)
While looking at the crestfallen girl who hung her head, thinking that it was not the time to do something like this, Lux moved along.
(Still, I only watched from a distance, but she sure was a beautiful person. ──Wait, just what am I thinking of!)
Shaking his head and clearing away idle thoughts, Lux continued his patrol as is.
At the edge of his field of vision, he noticed the moving figure of a person.
Holding his breath and chasing after it, he caught sight of a familiar building.
(This place is… the library…?)
The place he arrived at was the library in the academy premises that was separated from the school buildings.
Of course, the building was closed as it was late into the night now, so it was supposed to be deserted, but──.
(Why, at this kind of place?)
When Lux silenced the sound of his footsteps and tried to approach in order to get a better look at it,
“──Hey there, please don’t make a sound. Ojou-chan”
The voice of a young man abruptly called out from Lux’s back.
It was neither a teacher nor a patrolling guard.
They should be at the station outside of the premises, having already finished their tasks.
Which means──.
(Could this guy be the aforementioned pervert?!)
Lux turned around and looked at the man, but he had absolutely no recollection of him.
He was wearing a thin dark brown coat, with a sharp impulsive look in his eyes.
“Good girl. Now, you won’t try run away right? I don’t have any intention of hurting you. It would reduce the value when I receive the ransom and in the first place, it’s against my nature to hurt a beautiful girl.”
(The heck… even this person is mistaking about me!?)
Since he had put on girl clothes for that reason, it was going according to the plan in a sense; but Lux had mixed feelings.
“Alright. Then, would you slowly come with me”
However, the pervert ── no, the man who seems like a kidnapper was completely off guard. The knife that was clasped in his right hand wasn’t thrusting at the nape of Lux’s neck or his back.
At this rate, there was a possibility to subdue him in the momentary opening when the man averted his attention.
As Lux made that judgment and try to observe the situation for the moment ──
“I won’t allow that. My judgment is ── to not permit it.”
An elegant clear voice shook the night air.
In the spot slightly distant from the cross-dressing Lux and the suspicious man.
Before anyone noticed, standing over there was the girl who was talking with the cat earlier.
She had fair colored skin and brilliant blonde hair that spanned until her waist, and bottomless deep jade pupils.
In addition, the girl had an abundant chest that seemed ready to burst.
Lux and the suspicious person’s movements were stopped, having been captivated by that beauty which the term beautiful would not be enough to describe, and that was not all.
A detached atmosphere that could even be called mysterious was cladding the girl’s body.
It was the figure of a noble girl that possessed the qualification to stand above others from birth.
“I allow you to throw away the cutlery and quietly release that girl. You have no right to refuse.”
An extremely calm voice of warning was uttered from the girl’s mouth.
Without any emotions of bloodlust or anger, her mouth held a calm smile.
The composure of an absolute being that allowed her to take full control of the situation.
“…Too bad, but I won’t be able to meet that expectation.”
The suspicious man said in a somewhat defeated voice and retreated.
It was not out of caution for fighting power the girl possessed. Most likely, instinctually ── he recognized the <Difference in Status> between her and himself.
However, despite harboring fear towards the girl in front of him, the suspicious man resisted.
Lux became aware of the man putting strength into the hand which held the knife at his back.
“…How’s that? First off, how about you discard that weapon you have on your waist, huge breasted Ojou-sama?”
As if in order to encourage himself, the man started to mix threats into his frivolous talking.
He was probably contriving to use Lux as a hostage and first off, get rid of her weapon, and then make a run for it.
“I understand.”
The moment when the girl suddenly loosened her cheeks and put her hand to sword belt to her waist──,
“That means you want to experience something painful, right?”
Pretending to unfasten the belt, she pulled it out at high speed.
The distance of Lux and the suspicious person from the girl was around 7 Mel, thus it was not a distance that could simply be shortened in an instant.
Even Lux had judged it so but, she had completely surpassed it.
Without missing the moment when the suspicious man’s guard was slack and open, in a single breath the girl thrust the drawn rapier type sword device at the man’s throat, and the match was decided.
*Crackle*! Simultaneously with that thunderclap the girl’s back shined and a golden Machine Dragon appeared.
In the interval where Lux and the man were blinking their eyes in surprise, that armor covered over half her body.
It was a partial connection in order to achieve a swift attack through high speed Machine Dragon summoning without chanting.
While being dumbfounded at the Machine Dragon operating technique with a level of difficulty that was almost impossible under normal circumstances──.
“I allow you to discard your weapon. This is the final warning.”
Showing a cold, overpowering smile, the girl announced the fact.
The rapier that was thrust was pricking the man’s throat skin-deep and blood was oozing out bit by bit.
While sweating from his forehead, the suspicious man tossed the knife at the lawn and raised both hands.
The tall statured girl smiled when Lux separated from the suspicious man at that chance.
“Are you unharmed?”
Without taking her eyes off the man, she muttered so.
In this situation, the suspicious person could no longer escape.
Right as Lux took a small breath of relief, *tumble*, something rolled at his feet.
A sphere about the size of an egg burst opened with a *pan!* sound and their field of vision was obstructed by white smoke that rolled up.
When he heard the sound of the suspicious man starting to run, Lux immediately felt a bloodlust from behind.
“Watch out!”
He promptly stood guard at the girl’s back with both arms outstretched.
Immediately after, a sharp pain ran through his two arms and fresh blood scattered.
“Are you alright?”
Right before the girl Lux protected could get her sword ready again, the white smoke cleared away.
The figure of the suspicious person was already gone.
Only the chilly air of the night remained there.
“……I’m all right. How about you senpai, any injuries──?”
“I’m safe. Leaving that aside, let’s quickly get you to the infirmary.”
With a voice that seemed slightly flustered for the first time, the girl with a detached atmosphere led Lux by the hand.
And then, while conveying this situation by making an excuse of “it’s just a scratch” to the female students they passed by, she pulled the reserved Lux by the hand and headed to the infirmary.

“Does it hurt?”
As a substitute for the female doctor who was already off duty, the blonde girl skillfully disinfected lux’s injury and wound a bandage. He was saved thanks to the fact the thrown knife was not smeared with poison and that the wound was shallow.
Although they were unable to capture the suspicious man, it seemed like the Triad and the other girls of the “Knight Squadron” were presently split into groups in pursuit of him.
“I’m alright. Thank you very much”
When Lux thanked her as he was relieved for the time being,
Without showing any reaction, the blonde girl was peering intently at lux’s face.
(What’s the matter──? Oh crap! Aren’t I still wearing girl clothes right now!?)
When Lux was about to remove the wig in a hurry, a soft sensation was pressed against his face.
A mass of elastic and tender sensation.
And, her silky hair was gently swaying and tickled Lux’s face.
As he became aware of being closely embraced by the girl in front of him, Lux panicked.
(W-Why, all of a sudden──!?)
As Lux was extremely confused, her two arms that softly held his head separated.
“Ah…!? S-Sorry. You were so cute, so ──umm, please excuse me.”
The girl said as she averted her eyes towards the corner of the floor in embarrassment.
Seeing that she was blushing faintly, she seemed to be quite embarrassed.
“N-No, don’t worry about──”
As Lux answered as his heart was also throbbing, the girl just smiled lightly.
“T-thankfully, the wound is minor.──But still, I cannot approve of the conduit from earlier.”
Speaking as if she was lightly reprimanding him, the girl in front of Lux stood up from the chair.
“I am here in order to protect you kouhais after all.”
The girl declared in a resolute tone.
That was probably this girl’s conviction, but Lux became curious.
From what he saw of her carriage from earlier and her Machine Dragon operation, there was no doubt that she was a prominent and powerful person even in the academy.
However, she seemed unable to completely entrust dangerous things to a girl who was similarly a student.
“Even so, I’m glad since Senpai didn’t get hurt.”
As Lux spoke his true feelings, the girl became stiff for a moment,
“──You’re a hopeless child, huh”
She said, showing a slightly gentle facial expression,
“But, this is the first time someone has said that to me.”
Blushing faintly, she held Lux’s hand.
Lux unintentionally became startled at the softness and warmth of her palm.
“Ah, umm, come to think of it──”
The panicked Lux suddenly recalled something and began to speak.
“Senpai, by any chance, weren’t you doing something before at the rear entrance?”
In that moment, the girl’s whole body went rigid with a start and she made a fretting face.
“D-did you saw it!? I allow you to forget it immediately! That was just your imagination! Since there was absolutely no one I was talking to, there’s no way such a thing is possible”
“I…, I understand”
It was pretty suspicious how desperate she became, but he decided not to inquire any further.
Reading the mood was also an essential task in odd jobs.
“However, I wonder just when that kind of man trespassed into the academy. There’s no choice but to have them strengthen the security even further.”
Suddenly, the girl’s expression changed and her tone became stern.
“As expected, males are our enemy. In order to also protect a sweet and kind girl like you, they must be kept further away from this academy──”
As he called out to the girl with a serious face, she straightened her back with a startle and faced towards Lux.
“Sorry. It’s already time for bed, right? Let’s return to the dorm.”
Saying so, the girl went out of the infirmary while still holding Lux’s hand.
“Come to think of it, it’s the first time I’ve seen your face; but are you a transfer student?”
“Ah, err──”
As Lux was about to say his own name on reflex,
“I have only just returned to Cross Feed today, I’m called Celestia Ralgris”
At that moment, Lux thought his heart has stopped.
(This girl……!? No, this senpai is, the academy’s strongest girl──!?)
The girl who was the eldest daughter of the Ralgris family, one of the four Great Nobles, and renowned as a great man-hater.
I was careless.
Her skill and demeanor he had witnessed which reminded one of a pure noble, these things which he didn’t realize up until now was a problem.
As Lux stiffened up, Celestia fixedly stared at his face with a serious look.
“Please call me Celis. And if you don’t mind, would you tell me your name?”
“I’m Lu… Lu, Luno. And umm──, I’m a second year student.”
(……the heck, just what am I saying?!)
Having sensed that it would be dangerous to reveal that he was a man here, Lux promptly said so.
Although she had went to the Royal Capital up until now, it might be possible that she had learned of the matter on Lux who enrolled into the academy as the sole male through a letter of sorts.
“Luno…is it. It’s a really wonderful name”
With a face that did not know about Lux’s anxiety, Celestia nodded and smiled.
“Please chat with me again, Luno. I’ve become fond of you.”
Saying so, Celestia reluctantly released her hand from Lux and then left.
A little while after seeing off the girl’s back.
“──Wait, what will I do!?”
Wearing girl clothes as is, he deceived her and they parted.
Normally since it was concealed under his uniform, the wound on his arm shouldn’t be exposed, but it was still a problem.
“But……, Celis-senpai is──”
‘Men are our enemy’, she certainly said that.
Then, the next time she met Lux as a male, just what would happen then?
After Lux took off the girl clothes, with a faint unease and bemusement in his heart, he went to search for the Triad girls.

The same time, outside the academy grounds.
In the darkness of a deserted back alley, there was a pair of young man and woman.
The two people, who were clad in a somewhat dangerous presence, were quietly exchanging words while remaining vigilant of their surroundings and staying hidden.
“However, we are out of luck, huh. To think that the academy’s strongest has returned with this timing now of all times.”
The red haired man exaggeratedly shrugged his shoulders with a disappointed exclamation.
And, once he had sent his gaze to the surroundings, he turned towards the girl in front of him.
“I’m the one who is amazed. For what reason do you think that I made you break through the security?”
“Hey hey, you were the one about to be found earlier, Kirl. That frail looking girl was sharp. I make a fool of them thinking that it was just an academy of peace idiot young ladies, but it looks like there’s a need to change that perception.”
The girl standing before him snorted in displeasure and turned her back on the man.
“It can’t be helped if the situation changes. I will convey the instructions from the <Black Marketer> to you. Until then, conceal yourself in the shadows with Kirl as planned. Ignidd”
“Roger that. Captain”
After the man showed a smile and nodded in assent, his figure vanished from that place.
“The plan has changed a bit, but… well that’s fine. With this, our longstanding desire can finally be fulfilled, too.”
The sole person who remained was looking up at the sky.
Reflected in the girl’s pupils was the same darkness colored night sky with no stars.

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