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  1. happinezz001 says:

    lux is one seriously lucky guy

  2. None says:

    Oh… Another cute girl added into the harem 😀 Who is she ?

  3. Kaichou San says:

    Different…eye…color… LOVE HER ALREADY.

    • Kaichou-san says:

      Looking at the illutrations again, she is the girl with the creepy smile and blindfolded in volume 4 illustrations.

  4. dqsang90 says:

    Damn! The new girl looks so sexy! She reminds me of Kurumi.

  5. Musho says:

    when they will start volume 3?

  6. lifeman120 says:

    name is new girl pleeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeee

  7. JustLikeIt says:

    at the last picture lux berserk??

  8. pancake says:

    New girl resemble Yaya from machine doll so much.

  9. kagerou says:

    I think the last pic is lux and his brother

  10. mrdonut says:

    Who is groping Celestia’s boobs?

  11. Mr Donut says:

    Who is groping celestia’s boobs??? Anime-watcher here, is lux and kcrulcifer=official? Is Airi in love with her brother or just true siblings love?

  12. Jason Ryer says:

    The yand is offically a haremette Anime covers vol 5. She in the credits as well.

  13. i think the anime will end on this volume tho omg I wonder if we’ll get a 2nd season tho but if not I’ll just look forward for the translations of the light novel lol

  14. Avalon says:

    So anime till here, huh?

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