Novel Illustrations

Prologue – The Girl’s Long Cherished Desire

Episode 1 – The Empire’s Assassin

Episode 2 – Night before the Overall Dragon Competition

Episode 3 – The Girls’ Recompense

Episode 4 – The Fifth Artifact Gigas

Epilogue – The Empire’s Whereabouts


6 Responses to VOLUME 5

  1. Kuratatsu says:

    Btw, can someone change the title of Episode 1 to The Empire’s Assassin Blade.

  2. Superioreos says:

    The girl on the cover looks like a combination of Kurumi from Date A Live and Yaya from Unbreakable Machine Doll.

  3. if can pls update next eps 14 anime plsss >.<

  4. animesquad7 says:

    The anime seems to have ended at volume 5. So can we please start translating volume 6? Thanks

  5. ranaka86 says:

    When this chapter will be translate?

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