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  1. cmon man the last illustration urge me to punchlux ..–

  2. Ogami Rei says:

    Is lux the one who wore the black drag ride on the last colored illustration?

    • Schwarze says:

      Yes, if you look closely at the top left of the picture the rider have grey-silver hair which we know that he’s from the old empire-bloodline, and the only ones left from that is lux and his lil sis (as far as vol 1, dunno if there will be more)

  3. Ari says:

    which girl is it on the last illustration

  4. technology says:

    My Facebook friends keep sending me this link and finally checked you out. Now I see why they wanted to generally share this with me.

  5. nathaniel says:

    kurulucifer x lux. no room for princess in my ship.

  6. richards says:

    heritic! what blasphemous thing are thou spouting! harem is the way! thou need to embrace all the girls!—— hagure yuusha approved…XD

    • eXitus says:

      But my good friend. That way of doing things ends, in 90% of the LN cases, with a near death expirience of the MC due to blunt force trauma, caused by, I quote “all the girls”. Thus I think it more viable to embrace them one by one at first. 😀

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