Novel Illustrations

Prologue – Lux Contest

Chapter 1 – Engagement Circumstances of the Young Woman of the North

Chapter 2 – A Messenger of Ymir

Chapter 3 – The Sixth Ruin –– One Miniature Garden

Chapter 4 – Duel

Epilogue – The Girl’s wish

Side Story – The Little Sister Airi’s Big Brother Observation Diary


16 Responses to VOLUME 2

  1. Kuratatsu says:

    Typo for prologue ^

  2. denny says:

    Sorry for ma english , I will like to say that i realy like your work, I have seen your work en baka…. , and if its posible. i will like to known wen it will be posible to read vol 2 .. thx and sorry

  3. Noun Noreak says:

    is there some make PDF this volume?

  4. raj says:

    here’s the Volume 2 of saijaku and side story included


  5. Village Idiot says:

    Volume 2 PDF for those interested

  6. happinezz says:

    madan is next if I remember right it just 3 days from now if i remember it correctly

  7. Ace says:

    Does anyone know if Kurulucifer and Lux’s relationship progresses in the 3rd book?

  8. devilsadvocate says:

    i feel like i should thank you once every day for translating this and also thank you for your hard work on gakuen toshi and madan!! thank you

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