Another update, with free games this time. (UPDATED)

Hello everyone, its Digital again.

I know its been a while since the last update, but nothing of significance happened in the time between. However, I figured that another update was warranted in the current silence. Setsuna is still MIA, I haven’t heard from him, the boss at Mofumofu hasn’t heard from him, but like me, many of you must have noticed Vanadis’s update. Of all the projects Vanadis is Setsuna’s top priority and as far as I know it will continue to be. I don’t think any projects have been dropped, otherwise there would have been a announcement from him. So for the time being let us hope that he didn’t get hit by a car or something tragic like that. He may have some great IRL event going on at the moment, so let’s quell our thirst by thinking of the worst possible situation and substitute it with a more plausible one.

Also regarding Saijaku, the Mofumofu boss informed me that the Saijaku translation has also been “dead” for the time being. No drops on any projects though, so that is a good news. I will post on this site of any update regarding Saijaku or further translation.

Free games! I have codes that I don’t plan to use! What’s the game? I don’t know have fun figuring it out! You can only redeem it on steam. (I will update more codes later so that everyone has a fair chance.

(They were claimed, I got a couple other games I don’t plan on using so post a comment and I’ll choose a random) I also have origin games I don’t plan to use if you guys want them. I don’t know if I should post or not so let me know guys. (And please try out black desert!)

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE, I’ve been playing this game called Black Desert Online, it has been the best MMO I have played so far, one of the best combat system I have experienced. Me and my friend made a guild and we are building a army and I cold use your help.

These are seven day guest passes, (the game only cost $10) You can’t redeem these on steam, this is the website to redeem it.

5FP9J2C-JK6UJSM-209KMLG-203A7 (claimed)

9LRM7FB-0UA38T5-R3V70KH-B4D25 (claimed)

HIEBB5A-U3S4I06-9HIVK11-JB8M (claimed)

UJ113KB-29NVJ0P-NGH1LNB-BHE61 (claimed)



DMVUHE1-9T24CPP-UA75IA3-P5HMS (claimed)

38R6UA6-MMRGJU6-RLDV5OH-U0EGE (claimed)


You can redeem them at your account page (I will update used codes), add me as a friend so I can invite you to the guild everyone. My family name is “Digital27” and my main character’s name is “Man_Witch”. We also have a discord group (will post on this site later) and I can help any new players familiarize with the game. If you already own the game and want to join my guild, just send me a friend request anyways. I’ll help new players with the mechanics etc.

Sorry for the long post guys, but if anything else happens I’ll be sure to post something. And I really hope to see some of you on black desert with me, go check out TheLazyPeon on youtube if you’re still unsure of the game.

Have a great day!

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What is Happening Right Now.

Hello everyone its DigitalAK,

I know we’ve been silent for a while. The current team doesn’t have any platform we use to communicate aside from emailing to each other. Which brings us to Setsuna, I have mailed him multiple times and I have yet to receive any reply, its been weeks since the last message.

However, it turns out that he made plans with a another translation group to help us translate Saijaku Bahamut. Our plan was to work on one volume at a time, alternating with “Mofumofu translation” every time a volume was completed. They’ve already worked on a couple of volumes for Saijaku and the plan was for us to finish volume 3, then start releasing a floodgate of translated content. Unfortunately, they haven’t heard back from Setsuna for quite a while too.

So this is what is going to happen, the boss of Mofumofu asked if he could translate volume 3. I reached out to Dual Blades on the matter and we were both okay with the idea, we also sent a email to Setsuna regarding the proposal, the Mofumofu boss did too. We waited for a while and gave them the green light to proceed with the rest of Saijaku. We didn’t drop the project, but we are forming a alliance to accelerate the translation of Saijaku. I’ve updated our blogroll with Mofumofu’s link, and here it is on this post too:

Thanks again to Mofumofu for helping us out, and Setsuna please if you see this I hope that you are alright and nothing tragic has happened to you.

Their Saijaku content is locked at the moment, but its because they’ve been working on volumes ahead of schedule, continuation of volume 3 will start as soon as possible.

Volume 3 is not on their site yet*

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Madan vol 13 Chapter 3

No comment in particular to do here, except that here’s the promised Chapter 3.

TLCer: dragon1412

Editor: dualxblades

Enjoy it.


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I’m back!!

Sorry for not having written a short notice informing you all that I was really busy these last months. There were so many things I had to do that I didn’t even have the time to post the chapter 3 of Madan vol 13 that is already completed. Well, I won’t go speaking about what I’ve done in details as there are private matters; but anyway, I’m back and I’ll continue with the translations.

So, I’ll post the chapter 3 this saturday as I need to read again before posting.

Again, sorry for the long absence.

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Madan vol 13 Chapter 2

Again sorry for the delay. I just have a few things to say. Thanks of a russian friend of mine, I changed Alsin to Arshin as it’s a Russian unit of length equal to 28 inches (71 cm) (see more) and Belsta to Verst, so please take note.

TLCer: dragon1412

Editor: Killsacred

Without further ado, here’s the Chapter 2.

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Saijaku vol 3 Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay. As you all know, there’re always many problems in RL, so……

I have no much to say, so without further ado, enjoy the chapter.

TLCer: dragon1412

Editors: DigitalAK27, Killsacred, Aardvark.

Here is it: Chapter 3.

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The novel chosen

I’ve decided to close the poll. Based on the results, Seiken Tsukai no World Break won.So as promised, I’ll take it. But, as I said, I’ll begin its translation after the end of Madan (the end of the series, I mean). And I also heard that there’s a translator who is doing this currently. So, I planned to notify him when I’ll begin translating this so that we share  volumes to translate.

In the meantime, he’ll be doing it while I’ll focus on Madan and Saijaku.

Well, that’s all. And please, don’t vote again or propose another series, I’ve laready chosen and have no intention to change.


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