Chapter 1 – Olsina

Chapter 2 – Bird of Fire

Chapter 3 – Successors

Chapter 4 – Behind The Scenes



14 Responses to VOLUME 8

  1. Zion says:

    Thanks a lot for translating!

  2. YourUsualOtaku says:

    is the epilogue missing? would appreciate it if u can translate it ^^ as always thnx for the hard work !

  3. Link says:

    Excuse me but, volume 1 to 7 will you translate?

  4. Chuck Norris says:

    Anyone who have the EPUB version?

  5. Alex Wessels says:

    the Chapter 1, 2, 3 is missing

  6. Krishna says:

    hello, sir. can I read the series on this blog? since baka-tsuki is down or is it downloadable?

  7. thanks for the Translations but do you think you could make PDF Links to download your translated volumes please. thanks

  8. Not to bother you but when do you think the PDF links with be up when you get time to do them. thanks

  9. have you had time to consider is you will be adding PDF links to your translations yet if so how long before they will be up. also do you know who is translating Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha. I wish to read them to but there has been no updates lately.

  10. You did not like what i had to say in my last written comment so you deleted my post all together that figures. Your no different from all the other Translators that did not want to help me after they said they would.

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