Hi, I’m a still-learning French translator, translating LNs from JP->EN. This blog is just to coordinate and keep up to date work in progress translations. Completed translations can be found on Baka-Tsuki.

I will keep informing you whenever there will be news.


191 Responses to ABOUT ME

  1. nosaer says:

    I’ve noticed that the translations for Madan no ou to Vanadis have been waiting on editing for quite a long time. I’m willing to help with editing the chapters if you’d like. I’m a college educated native English speaker with some time to spare on the task. Just let me know, and thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. tsunamoe says:

    can I have a request? I want to ask for a translation of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry/Eiyuutan. I really need the translation for volume 5-9.

    • dragonosman2 says:

      If possible, I’d also like you to take this up, Setsuna. Unless, of course, one of the other translators takes it up before that.

      • setsuna86 says:

        I already said that I would a new project after catching up with Saijaku. But, I already have a new project in mind (of course after catching up with Saijaku), which: Meigyoku no Almaine.

  3. uaaa says:

    out of curiosity,have you started translating vol 13?

    • dragonosman2 says:

      I doubt it. He alternates between LNs he’s working on, taking turns. It goes in this order: Madan, Saijaku, Gakusen.

      He’s skipped to Gakusen because it was just Licensed in the US and he plans to give us a Christmas present by translating it up to Volume 9 before dropping it. He’ll pick up Meigyoku no Almaine and he’ll be starting on it after catching up with Saijaku. Madan will have to wait, sadly (I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, though, as I’ve also been waiting to read the rest of Saijaku, too).

  4. uaaa says:

    out of curiosity,have you started translating vol 13 of madan no ou?

  5. Xantor says:

    Do you care if people post the pdfs they made on your site or would you rather them not?

  6. Aprilus I says:

    Been curious about this for a long time…

    Which was longer? Madan no Ou to Vanadis or Gakusen?

  7. Just asking about “Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut”, How are you going to translate the fourth volume volume(I mean normal edition or the LIMITED one) ?

  8. BerzerKing says:

    I’ve seen this question already, but with no official answer, so i’ll ask again: Will volume 13 of vanadis be translated after the 2 gakusen volumes or will it take quite a while, like after bahamut and the new project? And btw, thx for all the work, setsuna, you da best! :3

    • dualxblades says:

      Sigh if I could just reach my hand through computer screens I would smack people who ask this question so hard. Read the posts such as the merry Christmas one which has the info you’re looking for. And no I won’t give it to you look for it yourself don’t be lazy.

      • BerzerKing says:

        “But, since the announcement is recent, sorry for the fans of Saijaku, but I hereby decide to postpone Saijaku’s translation and begin with the translations of Gakusen of vol 8 and 9 before dropping it.”
        “Chp 5 of Madan will be posted ASAP (after Setsuna goes through it) and with that Vol 12 will be completed. Just a little reminder after Gakusen (Vols 8 and 9 only) will be Saijaku.”

        The reason i asked is because it’s not specified anywhere whether the translation for vanadis 13 would/could be somewhat in parallel with saijaku, because by the posts it sounds like when saijaku starts it’ll go all the way to the most recent volume, which could take quite a long time, so i wanted a solid response on the situation… Maybe the question wasn’t written clear enough, and if so, i apologize. However, there’s no need to act so rude, you know…

      • dragonosman2 says:

        Yeah, I’d also like to know if it’s possible for Setsuna to also translate some of Madan parallel to Saijaku when he starts working on it. He probably can’t, anyway, but a confirmation would be good.

      • dualxblades says:

        If you been around here long enough and I know you have, Setsuna doesn’t translates two projects at once. Rather one at a time unless some kind of circumstances happen eg. Madan Vol 12 came out while he was tling Gakusen so he stopped Gakusen in favor of Madan. Most likely you can expect 1-2 vols of Saijaku minimal. I will ask Setsuna about the specified number although it will probably change by the time we get to Saijaku and what not.

      • dragonosman2 says:

        Alright, thanks for the reply.

  9. Krishna says:

    hello sir, May I know why there’s no volume 1-7?

  10. Hey Setsuna, I saw that Gakusen Toshi was licensed by Yen press, that means Baka tsuki is not going to publish more Volumes?

  11. guintranslations says:

    Greatings, I’m ChocoManga
    I’m looking for Translators for translating Guin Saga. The Novel series is 132 volumes and 22 Side Stories.
    Of the raws, I have 1 to 89 + 96 + 129-130 and 15 Gaiden. As well as Books 1-5 English Licensed.
    Many hands make light work, so please don’t be intimidated by it’s length. I plan to gather enough of a group to make it easier, otherwise, take things one at a time.
    You can consider this a joint project if you’d like, and I’d add your banner to my site. (not that you need the advertisement)
    This is a one of a kind Novel Series (longest in the world), hasn’t been translated to English beyond book 5, it deserves to be shared.
    E-mail: guintrans@gmail.com
    Website: https://guintranslations.wordpress.com/
    Chat: http://guintranslations.chatango.com/
    Book 1 Licensed: https://mega.nz/#!FY5EzagI!xW6bulGTtMkOyxxcKhyE-SsQi7nUGSsm7Z4b3GrfRyc
    Book 1 Raw: https://mega.nz/#!VdxlHDaQ!8ZdSUmuSfA7uXvWDlggevWJQMFMAQYZ2B_D0M_GKa9o
    Translations will start at Book 6: https://mega.nz/#!ERAkzS4D!mZgYZqilKTeFL2n7bjFb1FfC2PrxjGNmXzti8EB9ur4
    Please E-mail me, or join me on the chat if you’re interested. Feel free to check out the site as well.
    I look forward to your reply (Approval or Denial)

  12. Death Clock says:

    I want to work as an editor for Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. Well, here is my email Id: ayaangupta97@gmail.com

    I want to be a part of this project in its final time before it is dropped.

  13. YO Setsuna, I recently became the Admin of the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Wiki so if you would like could you give me some information about characters, Drag-Ride, and their history plus the childhood of the Arcadia family in form of résume and paragraphs.
    Only if you have free time since I don’t want to bother your translation, but please consider it 🙂

  14. Death Clock says:

    By the way, just to confirm, which novel will you choose for translation after Gakusen???

  15. Kurucifer says:

    Hi just to ask may I know will you be continuing with saijaku muhai no bahamut? As it haven’t been updated in a while. Thank

  16. crudeluxe says:

    by chance, is there a way to PM u since I wanted to voice some suggestions?

    Also, regarding Madan, watch out if ur aware of it

  17. eXcruDeluXe says:

    by chance, is there a way that I can give u a PM since I wanted to voice some suggestions (if ur open to some of them)?


  18. eXcruDeluXe says:


  19. patcan3609 says:

    Hi is it possible for me to recommend a novel to translate after you are done with your current project?
    The novel I am requesting is “Tsurugi no Joou to Rakuin no Ko”, written by the same author as the one who wrote Sayonara Piano Sonata

  20. silvercrow777 says:

    They get rid of volumes 1-4 in baka tsuki I’m talking about Gakusen TT_TT guys does somebody have knowledge where I can read it? Please help I’m already at volume 4, somebody :'(:'(

  21. Mapuia_WaHaHo says:

    Hello Sir Setsuna,I know it’s a trivial question but I would like to know where do you buy the raw LNs of your three projects.Thanks in advance.

  22. xcode_ghost says:

    Its written that gakusen vol 8 will be posted on 9/3/16… Does it mean it will put up on 3rd September? If so, why soo late?

  23. Valkyrious says:

    Waiting for your announcement for Madan no Ou To Vanadis translations. You could take three volumes at once since the release date of Volume 15 was just a month or two months away. In the meantime, me and Sid92 on wiki will continue to do whatever it needs to keep the Madan Wikia up and running.

    • dragonosman2 says:

      Let’s just wait for him to finish translating Gakusen Volume 9 first. He’ll either go back to Madan or translate Saijaku first. But I don’t know if he’ll translate three Volumes in a row.

    • setsuna86 says:

      After Gakusen vol 9, I’ll translate Gakusen and Madan alternately.

      • dragonosman2 says:

        Good to here. Good luck with the translations, then.

      • Valkyrious says:

        Should it be Saijaku and Madan? I hope you finish Saijaku first before Madan

      • dragonosman2 says:

        @Valkyrious: I actually like that he’s going to do them alternately. I like both series, after all.

      • doodles says:

        I’m just glad he’s doing Gakusen at all- was under the impression for a while that he would just drop it completely.

      • KHMTOWMAN says:

        Setsuna, hope i’m not bothering you. I’m just curious about the above comments you said.
        “I just say that I’ll do Gakusen and Madan alternately (i.e., one chapter of Saijaku and then one of Gakusen, etc.)” &
        “After Gakusen vol 9, I’ll translate Gakusen and Madan alternately.”

        Is this mean you will handle “GAKUSEN” at some distance future along with “MADAN” and “SAIJAKU”. Will you please kindly reply.

        It’s just that I’m a total newbie in “ANIME” and “LN” world. And “GAKUSEN” is one of the first novel that i’ve read. When you said you will drop the novel, I didn’t even know why. But then found out the reason. Thought couldn’t be helped.
        So when you said those comments, some hope grew. that’s why. Will you sir please kindly inform.

        Thank you.


  24. nomansky says:

    can you upload PDF AND EPUB Files of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (from 5-8) ?
    from 5-8

  25. sparhawk6 says:

    Hello, I am really happy for all light novels, which you are translating! Your work is excellent, thanks for all hard work! But there is a small wish which I have. That someone will be translating Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan. It is really awesome light novel, but on Bakatsuki for longer no one translated next chapter. It basically stop at Vol 6. If there will be some possibility, that you will be considering translate this Light Novel, I will be extremely happy : )

    (sorry for my English)

  26. KHMTOWMAN says:

    Setsuna, hope i’m not bothering you. I’m just curious about the above comments you said.
    “I just say that I’ll do Gakusen and Madan alternately (i.e., one chapter of Saijaku and then one of Gakusen, etc.)” &
    “After Gakusen vol 9, I’ll translate Gakusen and Madan alternately.”

    Is this mean you will handle “GAKUSEN” at some distance future along with “MADAN” and “SAIJAKU”. Will you please kindly reply.

    It’s just that I’m a total newbie in “ANIME” and “LN” world. And “GAKUSEN” is one of the first novel that i’ve read. When you said you will drop the novel, I didn’t even know why. But then found out the reason. Thought couldn’t be helped.
    So when you said those comments, some hope grew. that’s why. Will you sir please kindly inform.

    Thank you.


  27. Metaba says:

    Gakusen toshi asterisk chapiter ´s?

  28. KHMTOWMAN says:

    Setsuna, hope i’m not bothering you. Might you know who will take the translation. So i could follow like your’s.

  29. Valkyrious says:

    Volume 15 of Madan no Ou To Vanadis are all on the decks

  30. Yamette says:

    Hi Setsuna, Can I take Meigyoku no Almaine?

  31. Rated-R says:

    Hey is Setsuna ok there’s been no new translations in 5 weeks now???

  32. Shiroyasha says:

    Hey is Setsuna ok there hasn’t been any chapters translated in 5 weeks now

  33. Metaba says:

    Why are you translated Gakusen toshi asterisk ?

  34. Isaac says:

    Do you alternate between novels like one chapter of one novel then one chapter of another?

  35. marcusblade1 says:

    Hi setsuna, I had a couple of questions. First is the suit against Baka going to affect your releases? Second are you still regularly translating and if so how often will you put out a new chapter?

  36. Do you allow people to host their novels? I’m looking to host novels to be read on various Japanese/Chinese websites…to get the novel read. Both those novel cultures had encouraged me to try writing my own tale in English. Do you allow that?
    If you want to read it beforehand, then


    is where I write. Of course I am trying to also get RoyalRoadl and other sites to accept me writing.

    Why am I doing this? To get readers. Wattpad is mainly used by romance, fanfiction and fantasy writers and readers, and my adventure novel has only been read 3 times by genuine new readers.

    How much have I finished? I have finished 9 chapters, but do plan on releasing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    If you can’t, I understand. Just help me find likely translation groups willing to host my writing freely.

    for more information.

  37. Wongton says:

    Are you looking for any editors? I am new and wanting to try editing. If not, do you know any other translators that are looking for one?

  38. marcusblade1 says:

    Hey Setsuna I saw in a comment you made that a friend of yours would be translating Shiro no koukoku monogatari. I have been searching online for it with no success. Please if you can post me a link to it.

  39. danaban says:

    Who is translating gakusen volume 10??

  40. Caio Melo says:

    Thank you so much to everyone working on these translations (especially considering they are REALLY good). Keep up the good work!

    P.S: I can speak and read English fluently but my writing sucks, sorry about that 😉

    Thank you setsuna86.

  41. LoLipopZ24 says:

    Hey setsuna86 and the others thanks for all ur hard work in this few series. I know it is a lot plus please do hear my request, really hope u guys would continue translating novel for years to come. If you are unable to translate could you possible update us every now and then, in a month or something, it sucks that I check every few days on ur blog and there are no updates 😦 Could u also possibly start going back to Baka Tsuki? U haven’t been active this past year or so. Thanks a lot for reading all of this GOOD LUCK ON TRANSLATING SETSUNA (btw is ur name inspiration from white album2)😂

  42. LoLiPopZ24 says:

    Thanks a lot for ur hard work do update us at least once in a month or something 😦

  43. Valkyrious says:

    Heeey, where are you Setsuna? Mind if you give us heads up on something?

  44. Antonio says:

    Hey setsuna, when the chapter 4 of volume 13 of madan no ou to Vanadis?

  45. joe says:

    Hey man are you still creating english translations

  46. ragavmvp says:

    can you please take up translation of gakusen toshi asterisk again? It was so good and the novel got licensed!Do u think u can keep releasing the chapters under a different name to avoid copyright issues and a hint if u are doing it so that us followers can understand.

    Anyway,really appreciate what you have done so far.

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