Bad news

My computer encountered a big problem; my windows crashes and so, the updates will be temporarily halted (for two weeks at least). So, sorry for that.

See you in two weeks.

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17 Responses to Bad news

  1. Mapuia_WaHaHo says:

    That’s BAD….VERY BAD…but i’ll have some time to re-read them…

  2. Oh… I thought you were gonna drop a novel or something. Damn email notification gave me a mini-heart attack 😛

  3. blahto says:

    Ouch that is indeed bad…….

  4. rizyun says:

    So Windows like… Btw wat series you using to? 7 or next-generation?

    • setsuna86 says:

      I use the 7 home premium. If you can send it to me in my mail, you’ll save me many troubles

      • urug99 says:

        I have a windows 7 iso around here somewhere if you still need it. Not sure what version of 7, I almost think it’s pro but not sure. Ever tried Linux? I just switched over and I’m never going back to windows lol.

  5. happinezz001 says:

    the curse of translating an already licensed LN perhaps?

  6. dano732 says:

    I bet Valkyrious and Chingaruna smashed their keyboards after seeing this. No Madan for them

    • Chingaruna says: has been a while for me not visiting this site and already I didn’t expect the bad news that quickly.Not to worry though, take your time cause smashing keyboards is not our style. More importantly, I was busying on something else in another wiki. BTW, 15th Volume (Arc Three’s latest arc, I think?) is confirmed to be sold on August.

  7. wewe says:

    I thought a certain publisher decided to be a party pooper again…

  8. Ashmedia says:

    Don’t worry mate i understand where you are coming from, just keep up the good work and see you soon!

  9. devilsadvocate6 says:

    pc probs suck, i do not recall how many times they bothered me hah…..get well soon……pc

  10. Valkyrious says:

    What happened to your computer Setsuna? Virus or?

    By the way, the wiki keep picking up the pace, hopefully you can hand the raw on volume 14 over either to me or Chingaruna to make a brief understanding about the novel so we can add it to wiki ealier.

    • Griggs says:

      Please stop advertising your Wiki on here and trying to imply you have a preferential right for something you choose to do voluntarily.

      I understand since you are a administrator of that Wikia that you are interested in gathering more information to update your site, but the way you and Chingaruna more or less bugged Setsuna and DualBlades both on here and on Animesuki will only work detrimental as they chooses to this voluntarily as well. You should be appreciative enough to let them do this how long it takes them to do so.

      Anyhow, keep up the good work Setsuna and others.

      • Valkyrious says:

        For what you are saying and from my Point of View, i think you are the one who want to press Setsuna and Dual Blades to go on schedule while yes i am responsible for the wiki as well. There are now several theories that need to keep it in check and answered for that.
        I’m not going to press Setsuna for the schedule or anything else, from what you are saying i think you are the one that was pressing them while i will wait patiently and doing managing things. Keeping the community up to date is part of my job here and i will be always wait patienly about him while sometimes asks about things there since i know Setsuna has life and i got no rights to bugging it.

      • Griggs says:

        You claim I press Setsuna and Dualblades for the continuation of the translation but in your entire post you never come to the point as to why you think that is. You just basically accuse someone of something without any sort of evidence to support that accusation.

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