In the meantime…

A trailer for the Saijaku anime came out!


I know everyone’s been patient with the releases and the edits, and I would like to extend my thanks for that to everyone. Especially the Saijaku no Bahamut fans, I know how patiently you’ve been waiting and I myself is also huge fan. The adventure of the silver hair protagonist and the best girl ever (Krulcifer) will see the light of day again! Both in ANIME and ENGrISH!

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28 Responses to In the meantime…

  1. ftxnexus says:

    High five for the best girl man! Also, how could i possibly complain about the wait time? The quality is awesome, and gives a read impression and flow!

    Thx for your good work!

  2. frozendeva says:

    Can’t wait for both the anime and the LN

  3. So volume 8 is already out too ? wth can’t contain my excitement 😀

  4. blahto says:

    Hmm……. this anime might be good so maybe there is a chance……..

  5. Shen says:

    i fear this will be the next target of yen press < (damn you for doing this!!!!)

  6. Best Girl Never Wins says:

    You know, surprisingly I can’t tell if that blonde girl from the prologue is Lisha or Celestia. Her hair reminds me of Lisha, but there’s no way she looks that identical to her present-day self. Celestia is likelier, because she’s older than the others. But at least now we know she’s blonde. Dammit, I was kind of hoping it would be Krulcifer. That cameo essentially guaranteed the position of “Main Girl.”

    While I have no illusions that Saijaku was a well-written novel, it was fun, anyway, and is my favorite out of the three novels featured on this blog. What stood out to me the most was Lux’s strange transformation from that cunning rebel leader in the flashbacks to the betamax boytoy he is in the present day–it’s genuinely interesting. Every new volume adds a bit more to his backstory, and that’s rare for a Light Novel. Sure, the author pulls deus ex machinas out of his ass a lot of the time, but considering that that naive overpowered-ness massively backfired during the flashback story, I honestly don’t mind. It’s part of the essence of the boy named Lux Arcadia.

    Also, search up “Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut” on Tumblr. They have Celestia’s poster scanned there.

  7. None says:

    Moar best girl pls 😀

  8. thoth0 says:

    I’m going to bet a considerable amount of money that YenPress will license the series once it starts to air.

  9. gldarklord says:

    This pv has told me that this anime will not disappoint me. I Can’t wait to watch it next year

  10. () says:

    So is this gonna be like 12 episode or 24 episode?

  11. failureknight says:

    i want more krulcifer….
    well i hope the anime is a as good as the ln….

  12. EastPeople says:

    I hope yenpress don’t license this LN too after the anime airing… btw sorry for my bad english

  13. marc says:

    soon yen press will strike again
    and there will be not enough time to translate the remaining volumes

  14. justanotherone says:

    Well there we have the next victim from yenpress licensing

  15. justanotherone says:

    Well there we have the next victim of yenpress licensing

  16. Raze1313 says:

    I’m more interested in Celestia, but mostly because she’s the only unknown. I’m only as far into the story as this blog is after all. But judging from her pics and how she’s described by other characters, so far, she reminds me of the character Tsukiumi from the manga Sekirei: they’re both gorgeous blond bombshells brimming w/noble bearing and elegance, considered elite warriors by their peers, and notorious man-haters.

  17. blahto says:

    Looks like BT got DMCA from Kadokawa…..

  18. hmm still waiting in a freezing cold winter

  19. Sarksz says:

    What im afraid of is saijaku got DMCA too since anime release had something to do with kadokawa and they will mess with the LN too usually

  20. kizumono says:

    well cant wait for anime and the Ln
    hey setsuna… i think u shouldnt take another project..2 is enough madan and saijaku…if u planing take another one…please finish saijaku first.(8vol)
    cuz i know u also have a RL so 3 projects its to many….for one person…
    ^just my opinion as a reader……

  21. goodguy1206 says:

    Big news guys, Baka tsuki, our lord, has been crucified hardly by DMCA. They removed multiple titles as you may see. Yeah, F u DMCA. If you’re hearing this, just F’ing release all the books you erased in ENGLISH DFIOHUIDFH *Go aways and cries*

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