How I will handle GAKUSEN

Like you guys all read in the commentaries, Gakusen has been licensed by Yen Press. Good news for some people, but I’m sure it’s bad news for the great majority of Gakusen readers.

Someone had once asked a question to know what I will do if Gakusen was licensed. And I’ll stick with the answer I had given that time: of course, I’ll drop it. So, apology to those, who wanted me to continue translating it and posting it secretly; the reason is that I don’t like doing things behind the scenes. That’s just my nature.

But, since the announcement is recent, sorry for the fans of Saijaku, but I hereby decide to postpone Saijaku’s translation and begin with the translations of Gakusen of vol 8 and 9 before dropping it.

It’s the last gift I can give to the fans of Gakusen before abandoning the novel. Well you can consider it as my Christmas gift.

Thank you for all those who appreciated my translations of Gakusen and encouraged me. You may not know, but those encouragements really supported.

Again, thanks!


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162 Responses to How I will handle GAKUSEN

  1. Jarvis says:

    Will the Japanese version of the LN still be released?
    Like will there be a Volume 10 coming out in 4-5 months?

    • dragonosman2 says:

      Of course they will. Where else do you think the American version of the Volumes will come from? They have to use the original Japanese Volumes as a translation source, you know?

  2. cara says:

    you da real mvp

  3. Houhou no Mizu says:

    Thanks for your hard work!!

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