It begins January 2016

dcc92633375dbe630e9f28f730b956821444558074_full Fun fact Airi has the same voice actor as Kirin from Asterisk.

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35 Responses to It begins January 2016

  1. ftxnexus says:

    I just hope that they dont screw it up!

  2. Raze1313 says:

    This pic reminds me… those three “Triad” girls. Are they in the harem? Or just side characters?
    If not (in the harem), then I’d say it’s a nice change from the norm because side characters never get as much attention as the main girls do in harem series, but the Triad does.

  3. With this all of the series translated here all are all anime-deserving which the producers noticed good XD

  4. goodguy1206 says:

    Yay……………Pls don’t screw this up

  5. AsNhIeMlE says:

    will they only adapt vol. 1 – 3?

  6. Me? says:

    I hope this doesn’t get screwed like rakudai this season.

  7. kenchan223 says:

    Hype is real! Look at that badass pose Lux is making lool! Ship Lux x big boob blond girl

  8. wyvernfrog says:

    Let’s go I’m ready let Funimation license this one!

  9. Blacksoul says:

    Fuck you yen press, hahaha

  10. Best Girl Never Wins says:

    Strange. I always thought Kirin was basically a gender bent Lux. Overpowered, clumsy, adorable, silver-haired, and wields a massive sword.

  11. GL says:

    Excited but I don’t expect too much . LN harem adaptation always get in the disappointed side exception for some few series. I just hope it exceed my expectation.

  12. maybey3 says:

    Yessssss ı Like saijaku muhai no bahamut

  13. hugh says:

    wtf bahamut vol 7 are realease in october and the image is the best girl

  14. KozuKy says:

    while im happy that this is getting animated,honestly its better if they don’t cause Fck Yen Press

  15. Bob says:

    I heard Lux’s voice actor is female…

  16. Sigh says:

    It begins yet the translation is not beginning. Damn it!

  17. Wrightto says:

    Looks like anime won’t include volume 5-6 since Yoruka is not on the illustration. Hopefully it will have a second season.

  18. Kaichou San says:

    Acording to volume 7 it seens their family name isn’t “Acadia”, but “Arcadia”…

  19. Mr. Left says:

    Why is Celis’ hair wavy?(The tall blonde girl)
    I think her hair is straight according to the illustrations of the light novels.

  20. Valter says:

    Pls translate Saijaku 😀 ! Thanks

  21. randy says:

    volumes 6 and 7 for saijaku have already released could you post the pictures and chapters

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