So that first episode of Asterisk

Hello everyone!

Its DIGITAL!!!!!!!!!!!

I just did a all nighters doing my homework! That reminds of the time when I rush edited a chapter after a 9 hour over time at work. I mentioned that cause when I re-read the chapter I saw errors that I missed. And that hit me like a Meteor Arts and it was VERY PAINFUL! I’m sorry GUYS!!!!! I will fix all of them! It wasn’t just one chapter, it was like 3 chapter that I rush edited. I will get that done one day, I’ll edit them like how Lux will tear into Krulcifer! If you were wondering, yes I do ship them. I ship them like the “Cathedral Terra” from Gurren Lagann!

So never rush the translation T3@m. Cause one day they will do a all nighters and find out that their printer is out of ink. TEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

The Actual Post

So I watched the first episode of Asterisk and I can’t tell how I feel about. I feel like that the fight scenes aren’t as smooth and that the pacing in the first episode felt rushed, but that might be because I read the first volume’s first few chapter a bit too many times. However, I still did end up enjoying it, so I want to hear your impression of the first episode. If you haven’t watched it yet here are some Crunchyroll passes. Let’s support the animators and the author!

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49 Responses to So that first episode of Asterisk

  1. shadowtrap2010 says:

    well i like it especialy stop breathing

  2. ftxnexus says:

    Been a long time since i last read the first volume, so my memories from back then is so so. But seeing that one of my LN getting an animation is always cool!

    For now there’s been no discomfort or anything, so im pretty satisfied!

  3. runsing says:

    imo, rakudai kishi was animated a little better than asterisk. still, the only thing that i feel kinda off is that ayato looks more feminine than ikki, yet he uses ‘ore’, while the more masculine and perverted ikki uses ‘boku’. >.<

    all in all, the most thing i'm dissappointed is that they decide to air both at the same season. so i saw a lot of hate comment that says they're not going to watch 'same story premise' twice in same season (while i believe ppl who read the LN knows that this is not quite true).

    • runsing says:

      oh, i do kinda like both girls voice. they’re almost exactly as i imagine them to be. XD can’t say the same for they boys tho

    • jairo says:

      I think so too. Overall im happy 2 of my favorite LN. Now bahumut is next i hope

    • lykaon says:

      I love both Gakusen and Rakudai Kishi, and I can say with certainty that they are not the same thing. What most people don’t know is that while Gakusen is an unresolved harem comedy, Rakudai Kishi is an (insert spoiler). Don’t get me wrong, I like harems, but I like it even more when it’s resolved and the MC picks someone.
      actual love story.

  4. acefisher says:

    Taken the first, thanks!

    • ftxnexus says:

      Too bad! Im first 😛

    • acefisher says:

      I feel that the pacing for the anime is quicker than in the novel, but that can be attributed to either it being an anime, with scenes moving faster in film than in writing, or that the producers felt the need to hurry up and get to a point in the story that hooks the watchers into finishing the anime. Many watchers only watch one or two episodes before they make an abrupt decision about whether or not they should finish the series. The animation wasn’t stunning like what I have seen with some other animes, but it is just a little bit below that, far better than many. The only real gripe I have is the fact that the laser swords made light-saber sounds.

      • Raze1313 says:

        Lightsaber SFX for anime laser swords aren’t anything new. I seem to remember Tenchi Muyo did the same but they were more obvious than Asterisk’s.

      • acefisher says:

        True, but that was made back years ago. You would think that they would create some new sound for the laser swords. But at the same time, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, may apply.

      • ftxnexus says:

        Y, the pacing is fast, but it can’t be bothered. The animation part – I’m not a good judge, but what I can say is that the coloring and the art is pretty awesome. It’s true to the novel, which I like.

        Those who are complaining about gakusen toahi asterisk ecchi scenes should g read the LN. This anime\ln isn’t a ecchi based story, some fan service, bit doesn’t it should be produced by some ecchi expert group etc.

        The laser SFX was kinda annoying tho. I’m able to live with it, but for now it will remain a bit annoying.

  5. Dragon_Slayer_X says:

    Well i felt a little annoyed that they cut the later part of duel and the comedic exchanges between Ayato and Julis were cut. I hope they don’t make Julis look like a typical tsundere as her character is pretty awesome. Oh the change at the end wasn’t really necessary………other than that, things look fine and the OP is one of the best this season.

    • ftxnexus says:

      Thx for pointing it out! Going to reread both LNs. I want to see the similarities and differences, so I may judge the animes better.

      Also y I don’t want them to depict Julis as a bitch tsundere. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Claid annoyed me at the start, but its okey now. I don’t love her character, but its meh~ Her spirit is pretty awesome tho 😛

  6. jairo says:

    I loved it. Seen it 3 time already

  7. It Was Great But I felt a bit rushed but you know it’s Anime.

  8. Pollard says:

    Thank you for your hard work. I enjoyed it honestly, and I think that is why a possibly felt rushed, also remember that in a LN the author has to describe what actions a character is taking, which can slow down the speed at which the fights actually would move so it doesn’t translate well into an anime, for instance time yourself reading this ”
    “Come into bloom –– LongiflorumWhite Firebloom of the Sharp Spear!”

    When Julis swung the fine sword like a baton, spears of huge pale flames manifested along the arc. The flames which carried the shape of the trumpet lily were flying, just like that, to pierce through Ayato with the momentum of a rocket.


    Though Ayato somehow parried it with the sword as a shield, the shock sent him flying wildly.

    Although he barely took a defensive position, his breathing increased considerably.

    I roughly took 10 seconds reading that small paragraph it probably only took a few seconds in the anime to show this. In fact the anime has this happen almost twice it shows Ayato dodging several first before actually blocking one that explodes behind him.” Quotes from the translation found on baka tsuki

    Enough of that, anyway, I wondered if people noticed when Claudia ends the duel that the people in the background were kind of hyper-animated (not sure what the proper term would be sorry guys & gals) If your not sure what I mean look at the end after the credits when Claudia is mentioning about the website, like how she has been animated there.

  9. Subbu says:

    Hey, a small request..
    Will you please upload the Novel Illustrations of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 9 which was recently released???

  10. Ser says:

    I didn’t feel it was rushed since a 1:1 adaptation is just impossible. However, that scene? Seriously guys? I was pretty sure if my memory was that was what happened so but still, telling me like that was anticlimatic. I had to convince myself it was the guy from lance n’ masques. On the surprise plus side, I never imagined corona being so pretty, now I have to reorder my ranking

  11. D says:

    I just hope it doesn’t get to popular and the LN gets licensed. Like no game no life, strike the blood, black bullet.

  12. Kuratatsu says:

    All I got to say is that ending (opening?) was epic as hell, people are always complaining about this and that for ln-based animes but imo they should only be watched for the animated fights and fanser- *ahem* characters anyways. Those anime viewers who are interested in the full story can read the ln and the original readers get to enjoy their favorite novel in animation it’s a win-win situation, people will always complain about something though. I think the only ln-based anime adaptation I actually disliked were mahou sensou and that last season of DxD for obvious reasons.

  13. KozuKy says:

    Well it was fine,the only awkward thing is them displaying the name of the skill they’re going to cast during the battle.and i really hate people saying it’s harem generic crap >_< and comparing it to rakudai because they're same(without understanding the story of both novels) even though its not.

    • Ser says:

      I actually liked the whole displaying the names of the techniques. Ayato gets a pass for losing a bet and julis is casting spells after all but without reasons like that shouting what you will do next always annoy me.

      • KozuKy says:

        it’s fine if the enemy can’t see the whole diplaying of the names because seeing it makes the battle awkward,and Saya is the reason why Ayato shouts the name of his techniques thats why i find it weird to be displayed.shouting is also way of letting the audience and teammates(incase of team battle) know what skill are you going to use (like when the audience retreats when Julis uses Amaryllis).i know shouting is annoying but it’s a chant so i can bear with it.muttering is also fine but take note on that battle that Julis is angry at Ayato.

    • AsNhIeMlE says:

      the truth is rakudai>gakusen at the moment. reason is rakudai’s first impression was good. second, i think its more popular because of the manga which is good unlike the manga for gakusen.

  14. xioafreedom says:

    Animation better than I expected but I agree that the first fight scenes are less smooth. But overall I like it. Ah the opening scene and song is really good.

  15. Raze1313 says:

    Does anybody else think they went a just a little overboard w/the hexagon theme? The little flakes of light (which I’m guessing is the mana their using), the holographic displays showing duelists’ info, the names of moves, even the frickin lock to Claudia’s office are all in the shape of a hexagon. I know that’s supposed to fit in w/the whole story (6 sided city, 6 schools, etc.) but…

    • AsNhIeMlE says:

      im ok with the other things, but i dont like where they show the name of the moves. its obstructing the animation in fight scenes.

  16. Bakanekokun says:

    I enjoyed the fight scene and can’t wait for the start of the tournament though not up to par like those produce by unlimited budget works. I for one didn’t like the choices of voice actors…I dunno how but I felt a bit off. The opening is epic…Yet did anyone hoped that the person singing was Sylvie? Speaking about her, I believe she is the only one not shown, but rather a blurred cameo?

  17. Best Girl Never Wins says:

    The animation was much better than I expected. Kirin, as I noticed from promo artwork, didn’t translate well in terms of design. Hers only really works in the light novel’s art style.

    I’m impressed by the composition of scenes. That opening Haruka scene was really quite effective; and the way Ayato and Julis’ meeting coincided with the prologue flowed surprisingly well.

    All these comparisons with Rakudai are a bit justified, but I don’t really like that series, personally. The villains-that is, Ikki’s family-are just so one-dimensional, petty, and badly written. I had to stop reading at the Volume where they raised a media uproar over his dating Stella. There are good antagonists, and there are overrated antagonists. This one is just plain badly written, even by light novel standards, which are low to begin with.

    Gakusen’s focus on the world building, the varying cast, and the interpersonal relationships of which Ayato’s backstory and personal problems are just a small part of is much more likable to me. There are no clear/forced antagonists, the Main Girl is actually given reasonable development in friendship before going full romance, everyone is likable (except anyone from Allekant), and the protagonist, while strong, isn’t overpowered. Add the obvious care given to the anime adaptation, and I think I can safely say I look forward to watching this series to the end. And I don’t even normally watch anime series.

    Also, Krulcifer deserves Lux. And I still kind of prefer calling her Kurulucifer. She has LUCIFER in her name, dammit, how many women can boast having “Morning Star” in their first name?

    • ser says:

      Hey! Ardi and ernesta are part of allekant! You take that back! Agree with everything else

    • FrenzyMode says:

      What do you mean the Maing Girl was given reasonable development in friendship before going full romance? Does this happen volume 8+? If so I can’t wait to read those volumes once they are translated.

      • Best Girl Never Wins says:

        What I meant is that Julis and Ayato, while obviously chock-full of sexual tension, are still going through the friendship phase. They’re covering each other’s backs, inviting the other to social events, generally warming up to each other. Despite the romantic attraction, they treat their relationship very delicately and maturely. Hell, if we’re talking about who’s the first to become Ayato’s girlfriend, that title is exclusively Sylvia’s. Julis is very moderate, and not quite as blatantly shoved into the audience’s throats as most heroines are.

    • The thing that most annoyed me about Rakudai is the fight he wins at the end of the 3rd volume that he has no right to win whatsoever. But the thing is with Allekant is that their motives are explained and you genuinely view them as people while i admit i don’t personally like them all that much i respect their aims and structure. Ikki’s family in Rakudai do come off as pathetic and an awful lot of the novel is filled with how spectacular Ikki’s sword technique is or how incredible his perception is. I just hope Gakusen’s anime has that awesome world building at work because that’s the thing i personally enjoy most about gakusen, that and how each character feels like a person where you can see their motives even if you don’t agree with them and these are both showings of a well written story. Now hopefully Kirin fights how she’s supposed to but damn the opening makes her look tall or is that just me?

  18. AsNhIeMlE says:

    I finished reading volume 2-3 again yesterday and i can’t wait to see those fight scenes animated!

  19. Lord_Bukakesarius says:

    So is the inevitable license upon us? Kinda makes me happy Madan’s anime “didn’t happen ” XD

  20. Raze1313 says:

    Finally saw ep #4 and the fight where Ayato finally goes all out. Did anyone else find it… underwhelming? From how it was described in the book, I always pictured something more epic.

  21. D says:

    I knew it, why did it have to get licensed

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