Hey guy its Digital with a status update!

So you guys must be wondering about Saijaku. Well bad news the guys is moving out of the house so I’ve been helping him look for a new place, and school is starting soon so its been very time consuming and stressful to hunt a place down. Not to mention he is working full time right now so the translation has be…….. well slow. Don’t worry about the guy translating though, he is still going to work on the novel but RLF thing are getting in the way. He said that one chapter is half way done, but I don’t know when it will be finished.

So to cheer you guys up I’m giving away free games! (steam only)

Ps. one of them is dark souls and please try to only take one 🙂






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44 Responses to Hey guy its Digital with a status update!

  1. Didn'ttakeanygames says:

    Thanks for all of them lol. I took them all for myself

  2. shadyxlr says:

    First and got bioshock…

  3. deadlybell says:

    didnt get any all said dupe all cause steam had to initiate ;~;

  4. Guitarshot says:

    I got rekt, started putting only one string of the codes and when i realized they were already taken xD thanks anyway gl with real life

  5. Replay says:

    i don’t get it. . . . haven’t used steam.

  6. SigFig says:


  7. Smoke says:

    Thanks for the update, and DS.
    I never got to play Dark Souls before, but I have heard how good it is.

  8. ninthlite says:

    I acivated QEZ3R-BA0QP-YDBAM, but im not sure if it went through because i already own bioshock. Someone went and activated all the other codes

  9. oezsoyb says:

    thanks for the info.

    The keys are already used…that was fast or someone used all 5 of them

  10. All codes are gone. Thanks for the gift Digital

  11. shirou says:

    I take the last one thank you

  12. Die7seas says:

    Would be waste on me because my laptop cant even run minecraft hahhah

  13. Hello says:

    All the codes are used so feel free to cross them out. Also should ask people to say that they got the codes nxt time. Thank you for translating and the chance for games and take your time.

  14. Darkaeluz says:

    somebody already claimed them all

  15. Naginn says:

    2 hour late, but thanks anyway 🙂

  16. Marx says:

    Trying to insert the code yet all of em already taken, I would appreciate if those that use em give a token of gratitude to digital

  17. Dacw says:

    Thank yo, 🙂

  18. sekishirou13 says:

    digital-san how do you instal it?

  19. GOOD GUY says:

    spfdjhr #love saijaku more than games

  20. Sevinad says:

    Savage they were gone instantly, Thanks for the update though!

  21. yourfavouriteleecher says:

    i got nothing.. wuwuwu(T_T)
    i’m gonna wait for saijaku then

  22. Read DxD says:

    One day, I’ll figure out why Translator is the most likely occupation to move outside of Military.

  23. Chingaruna517 says:

    Well that explains the lateness again: First the broken computer, and now moving to places. On the Vanadis Wikia behalf, we have been waiting for almost three weeks (still counting) already. I am seriously wondering if the Vanadis is still as top priority here.

    • setsuna86 says:

      I already command a new computer and it’ll be there the next week end. So I think I’ll resume the translation next week. And yes, Vanadis is still top priority. Only I translate Vanadis; the other translators who help or want to help translate either Gakusen or Saijaku.
      BTW, I know you’re impatient to read the new chapters, but please understand that there are times like this when everyone is busy and can’t work on translation. We also have RL after all.
      Note that I just translate for fun; I ask nothing to no one, so please stop pressing me.

      • Chingaruna517 says:

        Alright, I am apologizes for the rush. I guess I could only wait for another week while doing a make over of the wikia.

      • God Ginrai says:

        Great to hear that you’ve found a computer! No rush on the translation: You already translate Vanadis at a much faster pace than most other series I wait on. I am, however, looking forward to when volume 12 is completely translated, as I greatly enjoy this series. 😀

      • Gawain says:

        Thanks for al your work setsuna, i greatly appreciated it. Don’t rush it, you are doing a great job, and as you said yourself it is just for fun for you. People should be grateful they receive anything at all :). That being said please dont mind these guys and keep posting 😛 as i really like the series and would like to keep reading it! And your translation is of good quality! 😀
        Btw, i really like the fact that you posted that you had computer trouble and took the effort to inform us regarding your moving! Appreciate it! makes the wait more bearable for me 🙂

  24. herman says:

    Oh man i was to late

  25. xerodark says:

    Chingaruna517 <– Look, a wild entitled asshat!

    • Chingaruna517 says:

      Why not I personally invite you to see our Wikia site, then you understand the hard work we are going to do to fill out the info. You could always help out if you even care at all .


      • xerodark says:

        The only person doing “hard work” is the translator, and I doubt you pushing them about delays helps anything at all. If -you- “cared at all” you might understand that real life happens, occasionally.

      • Chingaruna517 says:

        ……..gee, if you says that it makes me despise my own impatience even further. Fine, I apologizes for the lack of understanding and for the unnecessary pressure for the rush.

      • Deathgun says:

        @xerodark I think the editors are also doing hard work for the translators so we get less grammar nazis here (though we also know that some people just want to help improve the quality)

        But I get your sentiments about Chingaruna517 first comment but I think he apologized for that so let’s all just look forward to setsuna’s translation since he always delivered madan translation to us hahahahahahaha

      • Gawain says:

        Thank you for your work on the wiki chinga! We really appreciate it, as well as the hard work (and im sure that includes xerodark).
        And I’m impressed that you apologized to setsuna after the explanations given to you :).

  26. Ashmedia says:

    can’t use em’ codes now but thanks for the thought Setsuna much obliged~!! 🙂

  27. kenchan223 says:

    Too bad I only saw this now just to see that the codes were used up… wtf!?

  28. anon says:

    Well I’m obviously way too late for any of the codes lol… but I just wanted to say thank you DigitalAK27 giving away these codes was really cool of you to do.

  29. sukebe-sensei says:

    hahaha i’m 6 days too late

  30. happinezz001 says:

    oh i think setsuna is back

  31. WinterRED says:

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I love your translations and I hope that you will continue them when you have time! Thanks =)

  32. ricky says:

    anything update

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