Schedules for translations

To avoid being ask all the time which project I will translate after, here’s how I plan to translate:

1 – Translation of Gakusen vol 7, ch 6, ch 7 and epilogue.

2 – As Madan vol 12 will be released this month (probably 24th.), I will probably translate it after Gakusen.

3 – Finally after Madan vol 12, translation of Saijaku until Madan vol 13 released date since I left it undone for a long time.

Please, don’t ask me questions like why not translating Saijaku before Madan, because I had already said Madan is the priority project for me; no matter when it’s released, I’ll do it even if I was in the middle of translating another project.

BTW, I’ll release the rest of Gakusen vol 7 after translating all the ch 6, 7 and epilogue and it’ll probably be all translated before Madan vol 12 date release.

Hello peeps its DigitalAK27

I posted the illustrations for volume 8 of Gakusen on the blog. Also Setsuna is going to send the 3 chapters when they’re done, so they will not be edited as they are finished.

Till then have some Sayavol8-6

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81 Responses to Schedules for translations

  1. lifeman120 says:


    here a take V12 cover:

  2. Firestorm says:

    looks like she has yuri tendencies for some reason… Hear she has a thing for Elen

  3. None says:

    Hey, you’ll be translating Saijaku volume 13? We’re in the future here 😀

  4. Subbu says:

    Thank you for your hard work.
    Since Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 8 has already been released on 25th May 2015, when will you start work on it??

    It’ll be much appreciated if you put up links to the Illustrations for Gakusen. Vol. 8., when you have some spare time.

  5. nicholaevich says:

    My bahamut!!

  6. TheLaG says:

    Thanks for your hard work Setsuna!
    Omg, can’t wait for next volume, coz there should be some epic scenes in castle with princes 🙂

  7. shasux says:

    Madan for the win! 😀
    Thanks for your hard work in translating these awesome LNs. 🙂

  8. Eragon says:

    yayyyyy another volume of Madan this month!!!
    BTW thx a lot Setsuna!! for all your translations!!

  9. T says:

    Setsuna and editors, for all the work you’ve thus far, thank you so, so much!! I really appreciate it!

    And thanks for prioritizing Madan no Ou – it’s definitely my favorite by far out of the three.

  10. Jay says:

    Wait…are the links to Madan Vol 11 chapters 5+ out already? It sounds like they’re complete already if Madan Vol 12 is in the queue but i dont see them on the site? And thanks for the hard work.

  11. Chingaruna says:

    Horray, more Madan is coming up and we are entering Arc Three’s Act 2, There are many questions to be ask in this next act of the new story arc, Brune’s returning upheavals, faction wars (what I believed to be) between Regin and Melisande, Valentina’s ambiguous scheme and a new Vanadis join the ranks of Zhcted’s prestigious War-Maidens. What are we going to expect in the new volume?

    1.With Sachstein Army’s Hans Invasion Unit is severely crippled, only Leonardt Unit is left to launch a massive invasion towards Brune. Could this the end of Brune’s tranquility?
    2.Speaking of the end of Brune’s tranquility, Brune itself is suffering with chaos and conspiracies by several ministers who wishes to oust Regin and even have devious plans towards Tigre. How would Tigre and the Moonlight Knights face this crisis? Will there be another faction wars since the previous Civil War?
    3. Elsewhere, Fine is entering Silesia to meet our favorite Zhcted’s king Viktor and what is her reaction when she is elected to be a Vanadis? What is exact relationship between Fine and Elen? friend or rival?

  12. evoeden says:

    Waiting for Vanadis

  13. God Ginrai says:

    Sounds good. Thanks for all the work you do. 🙂

  14. bladerain says:

    Some people may say anime is better, but I firmly believe Light Novels are better. We can get a better grasp of events as they are thoroughly explained and in the upcoming anime, after reading the light novel, we will be able to comprehend the anime much better. Thus, I prefer to read the novel, then watch later.

  15. happinezz001 says:

    last night gakusen is still not done i wake up the next morning i find gakusen is already being edited ahhhh my day just got extremely better thanks for the translationsa

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      Well…… I haven’t got them yet so editing did not start yet. I know I could have kept that a secret, but I just had to have my fun destroying your happiness.

  16. ZI says:

    will you just translate saijaku for one volume after madan? or you will translate 2 volumes like what you said in the past?
    cause for me I’m more looking forward to saijaku rather than your 2 other projects because the element of surprise is not enough for me for those 2 LNs

    • setsuna86 says:

      I said that After Madan vol 12, I’ll focus only on Saijaku until the released date of the next Madan. So, depending on my mood, I can translate 2 or 3 volumes during that period of time.

  17. Sephirous says:

    I have seen the first few pages (around 40 or so) of madan being out. Will you be working on translating them or wait for the complete release?

  18. dano732 says:

    Another question: Do you already have access to the sixth light novel of Saijaku? I’m asking this question since the sixth light novel has been released last month and I was curious if you already have the pictures from the light novel?

    And yes I’m not ignominious! I know you will translate it after Maden which I’m looking forward to very much!

  19. zech says:

    when the last 3 chapter volume 7 from gakusen released? It already been translated but cant find the chapter. Thanks for the hard work

    • setsuna86 says:

      please, wait for the editor to work on it calmy!

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      The chapters are making good progress. Some dude is skipping work a lot and that’s making me work almost every single day. It’s really tiring, but I had a day off tomorrow and made good progress. Hell I even had a nice chat with dual blade as he was playing bioshock 2. :p

      • shasux says:

        *Hands Digital a basked full of cookies* N-N-No it’s not a bribe! 😉

      • DigitalAK27 says:

        Lol don’t worry I’ve already finished one chapter and the others are on their merry way to complition.

      • dualxblades says:

        Lol well I finished Bioshock 2 (ending made me cry ;’D ) and now onto the dlcs for it…..that’s what stopping me from editing Madan V12 prologue….

  20. hamu says:

    another pv for gakusen anime came up. it has the voices of ayato and 4 heroines.

  21. jralvarez1 says:

    Wait who’s this right next to saya?

  22. rickiminato says:

    It s true that ellen and tigre are MIA in the volume 12

  23. Murakumo says:

    Rejoice guys!! kirito wont be ayato’s VA!!
    I just found the second PV of Gakusen.

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      There is a another link of the same ad above ur comment ya know.

    • Best Girl Never Wins says:

      Wow. I know this sounds delightfully ironic, but Ayato’s part was literally the only good thing out of that trailer. His voice sounds like someone with actual personality, unlike most other harem protags, or even, unlike how he actually acts in the LN itself.

  24. dualxblades says:

    Teh fuq is this Kirin is so busty O_O. Did I miss something when I used to edit Gakusen cause I sure as hell don’t remember Kirin being this busty…..

  25. Firehawk says:

    Hey, Setsuna.

    I just wanted to clarify a few points in the translation of Madan volume 11. The spelling of names seems to be different for some reason, like Ludmilla’s nickname changed to Mila which sounds strange as opposed to Mira, and there’s also Lim’s which was Limalisha this time. The previous naming seemed more natural, so I’d be interested if this new kind will stay or you will return to the originals.
    I’d also like to ask what’s the fuel in the text supposed to mean? Gasoline? Kerozine? Petroleum? Or perhaps supplies in general? 😛 It’s a recurring quirk of the translation from volume 1, so I couldn’t help but inquire by now.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that you guys are translating Madan no Ou to Vanadis, as it is one of my favourite light novels, and it’s precisely the reason I brought up question related to editing. Keep up the effort. 🙂

    • dualxblades says:

      The new names/nick names are a result of the publisher releasing media that states the official spelling of the characters’ names/nick names.

      • Firehawk says:

        Official spelling can often differ from they are supposed to be, creating names which are nowhere even close to their planned spelling.

        Akame ga Kill!
        One of the minor characters’ name which was originally translated as River got switched to Liver after the official guidebook was released, which is utter foolishness for several reasons. First, the guy in that manga had the power to manipulate water, hence making sense in context, and also in itself. What kind of moron would name his cast after an internal organ, really?
        Akame ga Kill!
        A major character’s name was spelled Esdese due it being a pun expressing her type of personality which was again a name that made sense in context. Then they turned it into Esdeath which is worthy of a facepalm or two, as it completely ruins any kind of relation between the origin of her name and the character itself.
        Melty Blood
        It’s a fighting game with a broad range of playable characters from the Nasuverse, and there’s this girl called Yumizuka Satsuki, mysteriously romanized as YumiDuka Satsuki. It show that authors and developers not always have a firm grasp on English language.

        Therefore, unless you’re an official publishers with no choice but to follow you know it’s wrong, it’s better to follow those that make more sense, even more so when it comes to nonexistant names that were created only for the story, as there’s no reliable way to confirm what it’s supposed to be, This is a fan translation and so long as it stays that way, you can follow your own interpretations. I’d also argue on that point that the diminutive form Ellen fits Eleonora mor as Elen does, though it might only be me.

        Of course, it is your decision as members of the TL team if you want to keep the original romanization of names or not. But as you can see, there’s plenty of reason to do so and quite possibly others who’d see this as I do, making me feel compelled to send this post.

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