Mhmm I’ll just leave a small note here, I been busy with some banking stuff and I got a new laptop this week (So had to transfer all this stuff and install games and what not). So I’m starting the editing of Madan chp 3 today, should finish by today as well if all goes well, and hopefully chp will be out this weekend

Contest is now over thanks to all who participated, the winner wil be contacted by me. —Dual Blades

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  1. DigitalAK27 says:

    Click on image for a better view.

  2. Moissonneur66 says:

    Now lets all hope that Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (dude who voices kirito) isn’t playing our protagonist. Not that he’s a bad actor or anything but the amount of harem protagonists he voices has long since entered the realm of obscene.

    • KrulciferBestGirl says:

      Agreed…at this point, we may as well just label him the harem king, like Rie Kugimiya the tsundere queen.

      • Truth says:

        I’ve already labeled him the Harem King after he had 3 harem roles back in march lol

  3. wewe says:

    Dis looks… Different? (Diff gud though) *^*)b

  4. Binhjamin says:

    Not the best but it will do. I’m still not sure how I feel about MC’s design. He looks sly for some reason.

    • yascob99 says:

      Personally I feel that he looks very close to what he looks like in the LN illustrations and in fact I feel he has a more mature look than a lot of other male protagonists. I’m not sure I fully like it but I think in a way it’s refreshing and after watching it for a wjile it will feel natural.

  5. nicholaevich says:

    Sigh~ hopefully the series doesn’t get licensed and all the gakuen get deleted on this site.

    • If its gonna happen then i hope its before the 9th or 10th volume. I had a was very sad when i saw Mahouka and SAO get licensed. To make matters worse, they are both at 15+ volumes.

      • nicholaevich says:

        I already downloaded the PdF of SAO and text file of mahouka(volumes not covered in anime) before they got deleted

      • Dragnor says:

        There’s a site that has Mahouka copied down in PDF format. Google it. They have every novel translated and saved. Sadly it’s just some random guy/girl who just copied them down via BT and not the translator itself who could continue translations on his own site if he had one 😦

  6. Nix says:

    I like the old ones, this one look vicious

  7. yascob99 says:

    It like the art itself but Julis looks a little off.

  8. Hiyono says:

    Julis definitely looks different, but I have to say I like the anime look. It has that tinge of haughtiness that I imagine Julis always had before meeting Ayato. (Plus, I appreciate that her skirt has actual length to it now…)

  9. Ophis says:

    Although they differ from the originals, I liked the visuals very much. I like the novel’s designs, too, but this one brings maturity to the characters.

    Now let’s just pray to God(Me) that we’ll not get Kirito’s VA to voice Ayato. I seriously hate that VA’s guts, I find his voice way too irritating and overused. ;(

  10. Aa says:

    Is this on english?

  11. Tenzai says:

    Oh, Julis looks great imo! Ayato’s chin seems a little strange but that might be the angle ah well as long as the show keeps a good pacing without rushing too much or slowing it down and keep the visuals nice with good animation ill be really satisfied 🙂

  12. LeMorte says:

    May I ask if will you be still translating future volumes of this even if it is licensed?

    • setsuna86 says:

      Well, from what I know, it’s not allowed to publish the translations of licensed novels? If so, I won’t continue translating it. Otherwise, I’ll.

  13. Shawn says:

    I have never read this but what is it about

  14. Mark remedios says:

    This is artwork I can hype over

  15. None says:

    Why is Ayato looking more badass in this picture ? :/

  16. Best Girl Never Wins says:

    Didn’t Ayato have red pupils in the original? That aside, this illustration looks much better than the trailer’s art style. I don’t think Kirin’s design will carry over well, though; it was tailor fit to the LN’s artstyle.

  17. Talmain says:

    That’s actually a really interesting thought… how would Valentina fall for Tigre? It’s difficult to imagine a situation where he could save her life, since her scythe should enable her to escape any danger. Moreover, Tigre achieving additional accomplishments militarily won’t mean much to her due to her being disenchanted with his lack of personal ambition, although this could change if he believed he needed to take power for the sake of Brune.
    My guess is that despite Valentina’s cautious nature, her army gets trapped in a situation where it can’t withdraw, and Tigre somehow turns the tides. I think she probably does care about her subordinates, so this could lead to her becoming genuinely attached to Tigre. They continue to campaign together and feelings develop…

  18. Blahto Blahtoto says:

    I have a strong feeling Tigre will/need to kill Valentina. Just my stupid opinion, please don’t bully me…………………..

    • Talmain says:

      Right now Valentina gives off strong vibes as a schemer, but Mila and Elizavetta gave off similar vibes in the past and look where they are now… remember that the Vanadis are chosen by their draconic tools/weapons, and those weapons have a special relationship with the bow. Thus, it’s highly unlikely that Valentina is actually evil. It’s suspicious that Valentina knows so much about the demons and won’t reveal it, but I’m sure she has a good reason for her actions.

  19. blackablaze says:

    Valentinea and Tigre both care for the people of there country so when she sees how far tigre goes for his people and comrades she falls.
    also why did she review the fact that they met before. didn’t she she back then that she would kill him if he was awak.

  20. Best Girl Never Wins says:

    Maybe Tigre and Valentina’s relationship will be the reverse of everyone else’s–instead of Tigre doing/teaching something to someone, Valentina will be teaching Tigre the concept of ambition and the importance of conquest. Then she’ll gradually capture his heart and NTR him away from everyone else. Many boob-grabbing shenanigans follow, King Victor slaps a palm on his forehead at the chaotic state of the Vanadises afterward.

    I don’t sincerely believe this will happen, but it would be amusing as hell.

  21. blackablaze says:

    Valentina and tigre both care for the people of there country so when valentina sees how far tigre goes for his country she falls for him.
    also why did valentina say about that they met before didn’t she say that she would kill him if he was awake.

    • dualxblades says:

      Remember when Valentina teleported to Tigre’s bedside (This was during Brune’s Civil War) while he was sleeping to observe him? It ended up with Tigre unconsciously groping her breast that why she said if he was awake as in awake when he was doing that, she would have kill him.

  22. I think he will save her when she’s attacked by duke ganelon (since both of them want to take out each other as it said in the past volume … so it will happen sooner or later) and that will make her fall for him. I also think she will make him understand the importance of having an ambition.

    I’m all in for TigreXElen ship sailing though 😁

  23. Is it just me, or Julis looks somewhat older in that pic compared to what she looks like in the LN ?

  24. MathiasonThe5th says:

    I think Valentina will start to like Tigre more and more when she sees how he commands and leads the various armies. Especially if he’s shooting a bunch of enemy commanders 300 Alsins away while in the middle of battle with her protecting him like Mira did when she joined up with him during the last invasion. As for the defining moment when she falls completely for him will either be him rescueing her and her army after a failed withdrawal or him catching an arrow that was about to hit her and using it to take out the sniper like he did with Teita when Zaien was invading. That or from seeing his reaction to walking in on her while she’s taking a bath. After all he’s already walked in on Ellen, Mira, and Sophie while they were taking a bath, Olga took a bath in front of him on the ship to Asvarre, and he washed Liza’s back so she’s the only Vanadis left. 😀

  25. junior says:

    I think the way she’ll fall for him will probably be after he’s realized he’s been betrayed by her, and even though he realizes that he’ll still want to help her with whatever ordeal it’ll be she’ll be in trouble with.

  26. [ ] says:

    If Valentina were to have a nickname what would it be?

  27. DigitalAK27 says:


  28. Chingaruna says:

    Well, that is a complicated one since Valentina is the only Vanadis Tigre did little interaction, let alone having relationship with her.I don’t say it is not possible for Valentina fall for Tigre but do note their personalities are extremely opposite in their own merits: Tigre wants only peace and tranquility in Brune despite his lax of ambitions, something that bores the Void Vanadis; on the other hand, Valentina wanted to be Zhcted’s queen by any means necessary even using deception and manipulation, which actually disgusted Tigre the most.

    In my personal speculations, I think that Valentina would fall for Tigre if she witnesses Tigre’s using the Black Bow’s power to save her from impending peril or an seemly unbeatable enemy. What are the enemies Tigre or Valentina face is anyone guess (be it the dragons or even another human army such as Muozinel or Sachstein), but if there is anyone who can change or even reform Valentina’s life, it would be only Tigre.

  29. Sarksz says:

    Maybe valentina will fall for tigre after seeing his true potential as a KING, because valentina seems obsess to become a queen in previous volumes, since tigre himself had high possibility to be king if he had ambition/goal

  30. MathiasonThe5th says:

    Hope its ok to post more than one theory. If so, best theory I can think of would be Valentina getting in trouble with a demon and realizing she’s going to die when Tigre saves her by using his bow with her viralt’s power thrown in to either kill, or more likely force the demon away. Then while she’s still in awe of him saving her he collapses on her with his head landing on her breasts. 🙂 She’s a little surprised and troubled by him collapsing but, like the other Vanadis, gets captivated by his sleeping face and just watches him for a bit.

  31. ArchRegis says:

    Valentina betrays Tigre in a bid for power. Tigre crushes her army with the power of awesome, and Valentina realizes her M nature. She henceforth calls Tigre ‘Master’.

    Obviously. (I already have that game. You clearly also purchased an Nvidia graphics card.)

    • dualxblades says:

      Yeh lol, but I know I’m never going to get around to playing it or even the last two in the trilogy so might as well do something nice.

      • kakaroet says:

        Since I dont read before whole volume is finished but will we get answer in thia volume or other one

    • Talmain says:

      Damn… I should’ve thought about the multiple connotations of “best.” This may not be the most likely theory but it’s definitely the most awesome!

    • Talmain says:

      So, now I need to propose my counter-theory. In a twist, Valentina catches Tigrevermund bathing, and as she glances downward she comes to recognize why all of the other Vanadis are so enamored of him. She realizes that his nickname was never really “Tigre” but “Tiger” due to his prowess and becomes determined to experience it for herself.

      • dualxblades says:

        Ok ok stop right there, this ain’t some cheesy scripted porno we’re shooting here. Besides I don’t really recall any of the Vanadises seeing him fully nude, it’s just him seeing them fully nude :3

      • Kaizera says:

        errr… sofy did… she saw his manhood in its full glory in the bath at asvarre…. and she comment … BIG…

      • Talmain says:

        I don’t know what you’re talking about! It looks like dualxblades mind is in the gutter…I was simply insinuating that Valentina saw a ‘normally concealed’ birthmark that meant that Tigre would be a great king. She was no longer concerned about his lack of ambition and wanted to get closer to him.

  32. Vergilx says:

    Mmmm, in my humble opinion, I think Valentina X Tigre will go like this.

    Valentina is clearly aiming for the throne, and her character seems to be the type that looks only for wealth and power, Tigre began to become a powerful figure between the two kingdoms, that was the trigger for Valentina’s interest, with that, Tigre needs to defeat someone strong enough to make him worthy of the fear of a Nation, in this case maybe that Red beard from Muozinel, with that, Valentina may consider him an essential tool to reclaim the throne for herself, who else will be as a suitable partner for a Devil empress? Of course, a Devil King who conquers everything and defeats anyone,
    I think her relationship with him will be like the one Citra had with Jason in FARCRY 3. She will try to corrupt Tigre and transform him into an Overlord, while she wipes out everyone in her way.

  33. To make a schemer fall for someone, that person must make a scheme that impress her.

  34. chad001 says:

    Ah, I see you’re fooling yourself. Acting as if she hadn’t already fallen for him the moment he grasped her bosom. Alas the denial of such heroines is strong, I fear he will have to instill the fear of his bow in her before she gives up her silly notions of conquest and join him in the creation of a new era.

    …That or more groping I guess.

  35. Rukh says:

    The only way tigre could get Valentina to fall for him is to by chance saved her from something/someone. Typical plot though. A twist maybe just him groping her breast and bam, she falls for him.

  36. A Pair of Bravery says:

    Tigre Did the accidental boob grab on her sending the wave of ecchi making her mellow2 towards Tigre..Tigre also bounce around the world and tales of his utter badassery make sound till it reach her….

  37. TheMeaning says:

    In my opinion it will have something to do with the demon/Duke Ganelon. Tigre will have to kill him. Or maybe it will be that he will have to out scheme him or something along those lines. maybe she doesn’t like him but he has some hold over her and Tigre will have to save her in some way. I’m not really sure.

    • Talmain says:

      You get my vote as far as the most likely theory is concerned. This way, Tigre could rescue her without literally saving her life, which IMHO is incredibly unlikely given her dragonic tool’s ability… unless that ability was unusable for some reason or she were knocked unconscious, how could he save her life? Everything I say from here on out is a supplement to your theory rather than a new idea. One of the demon’s having a hold over Valentina is highly likely given her reluctance to divulge any information concerning them even though she doesn’t seem to be working with them. My guess is that a demon has a close friend or family member in custody or could reveal information that would be highly damaging for Valentina.

  38. ShinAmazake says:

    My entry for the contest: After months in the field reinforcements finally come in the form of Valentina and several thousand of her men. She barely does anything of note, to maintain the illusion that she is weak and frail. In one of the rare battles that she shows her face Drekavac and/or Vodyanoy end up battling her. After her defeat because of her underestimation of her enemy/enemies, either they 1) in a ploy to capture Tigre they use her as bait. or 2) she says something about Ganelon and it becomes clear to them that she’s in league with him and keeps her around to learn more. Either way she is captured. After learning that her Viralt doesn’t allow her to teleport because of reasons she begins to lose confidence in herself. Tigre ends up going to save her because of something small that was mentioned in passing. When doing so he ends up looking regal to Valentina, but it’s the fact that Tigre went out and saved her because of something she considered insignificant that she ends up falling for Tigre. After everything has settled down she clings to Tigre and pushes him to become king saying things like she won’t settle for being less than queen and there’s no man better to be at her side. At this point having thrown away her facade of being weak and frail and showing herself to be a strong independent woman. Though whenever she has any alone time with Tigre she’s very awkwardly “dere”.

  39. Dragnor says:

    In my opinion Valentina would first begin by using her looks and beauty to try to manipulate (seduce) Tigre into becoming hers and to become her servant. But gradually as time passes and a series of events such as them accidentally be together in a bath, him accidentally step into a room where she’s changing, and any other embarrassing scenarios, the atmosphere between her and Tigre thins out and things start changing. The final push would where both are separated from their armies and is stranded together. This is where they spend time together and as they travel to search for their groups, Tigre’s charm and chivalry eventually makes her fall in love with him during their time together.

  40. HeatGel says:

    I think it will develop like so: Tigre through eventual plot gains rights to become king. Valentina now considers him an obstacle and tries to remove him. Multiple indirect attempts fail. Meanwhile her own enemies ( probably Ganelon) takes the opportunity while she’s distracted to get rid of her. Things progress where all her own scheming backfires on her and she in a dire state. Tigre doing Tigre stuff saves her and she thinks he would make a great king and follows him but will be more assertive as she also now sees in him her chance to become queen. Hijinks ensue and it probably gets really bad in a the political fight of false smiles between Valentina and Sophie when attempting to get closer to Tigre. Also somehow or another Regin is there too somehow wielding Durandal claiming him. Tigre on the other hand is just there being used to it at this point is silently contemplating how to sneak away to go hunting

  41. surfinlake says:

    can some tell me what is the volumes 6~9 title respectively, if they can?

  42. nosaer says:

    Valentina Meets with Ganelon and is betrayed by him before she was expecting it. Tigre discovers their previous correspondence when he saves her scheming @ss. He decides to keep her treasonous actions a secret and she ends up falling for him…

    Or she gets caught in a situation where she has to reveal that she isn’t so frail, and Tigre saves her before she lets that cat out of the bag…

    Or, She uses her ability to scout by herself away from the army (it takes true skill to sneak a peek at Tigre in the middle of a fortress). During this scouting trip she get captured by the enemy army. In this situation, Tigre can’t let a Vanadis who came to help in the war die in Brune, so he would have to save her…but that’s too much like Sofie’s situation…

    But the more I think about it, I think Valentina falling for Tigre will be either because he managed to figure out a plan she has and work with her to improve their outcome for victory without ever talking about said plan, or he will have to overcome a scheme of hers in his own way which would cause her to look at him with Awe.

  43. MathiasonThe5th says:

    Seems like Valentina is already interested in Tigre. She thought he was interesting after he grabbed her in his sleep when she snuck in to see him at the fort. And was impressed with how he handled the nobles during the banquet as well as his taking part in the demon discussion meeting afterwards. Also, since she seems like a tactician type who values knowledge she’d get more interested in him the more the other Vanadis act interested in him. Especially since his influence caused Ellen, Liza, and Mila to come to the banquet with him honestly smiling rather than dueling with their viralts or words as has always happened whenever Ellen meets the other two face to face.
    Didn’t consider best didn’t necessarily mean most plausible too. How’s this for a wild idea. King Victor tries (or gets caught trying) to assassinate some of the Vanadis and they all, including Tigre and Valentina, are confronting him in front of the throne. He signals a foreign mage from wherever who tries to hit the Vanadis with a spell that turns whoever is hit into the creature they most resemble personality wise. Except Tigre manages to intercept all 6 shots if the spell and quickly turns into a black dragon which kills Victor, the magician, and any of the King’s guards stupid enough to attack him. The Vanadis just stand there in shock but realize he’s protecting them when he covers them with his wings while some archers are trying to shoot them. The spell eventually wears off with Tigre returning to normal. Since he turned into a black dragon, the symbol of Zchted, nobody bothers him while he’s still in dragon form, andhe’s made the new king who has to marry ALL the Vanadis like the first Black Dragon emperor had. Valentina is a little disappointed about not becoming King, but is satisfied with being one of the queens, especially after Tigre mentions that he’d rather leave the work to them while he takes a nap in an effort to avoid being crowned. However, none of the Vanadis are willing to lose this opportunity to get closer to him and all agree he’d make a good king and it would be against tradition if he didn’t marry all of them.

  44. Subsinexus says:

    My guess at the sequence of events:
    Valentina is sent to assist Tigre in Brune in war.
    Tigre stares at Valentina.
    Valentina falls in love.

    My sincere hope: The real timeline is much, much more interesting.

  45. happinezz001 says:

    I just want to ask after this volume of gakusen will setsuna be translating the next volume or would you be translating vol 3 of saijaku ?

  46. Talmain says:

    Oh my God I was right! dualxblades you have to admit my “cheap porn script” scenario just happened!

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      I don’t read Vanadis, but did that actually happen?

      • Talmain says:

        Well, the initial encounter happened. Valentina is also nude so Tigre’s body reacts, and she glances downward in admiration.

  47. dano732 says:

    Heads up! The new Vanadis has been officially debuted. The picture is available on the Novel site of Mediafactory

  48. lifeman120 says:

    Madan v12 Cover with guess who on the cover 😀

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