Gakusen Toshi Asterisk volume 7 – Spoilers


“Let me predict what will happen, Amagiri Ayato. The time when you will
take my hand will come someday” Contact of <Great Doctor> Hilda. Though
Ayato refused her invitation to join hands together in exchange for
treating his big sister Haruka, Hilda left ominous words and left.
Meanwhile, each one of Seidoukan started special training towards the
<Gryps>. Claudia clarified <Pan-Dora>’s secret and her purpose and
deepened her bonds with Ayato and company. And, spring came, Ayato and
company also became second-year students and the school festival held
simultaneously by all the six academies raised the curtain. In Ayato
having a date with Syvia as promised previously――!? The school battle
entertainment of the highest peak, and the showy 7th phase (volume)!
Release date: November 25, 2014.

Translated from Mediafactory. As I already said, after Madan vol 10, I will translate Gakusen vol 6 and this coming vol 7.

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58 Responses to Gakusen Toshi Asterisk volume 7 – Spoilers

  1. Cyber says:

    Will you translate volume 6 after Madan no ou?
    Oh,yeah, thanks for translating 3 great series, 2 being among my favorites.

  2. babapo741 says:

    Thank you, really…i have a feeling that if you translated GTA i wouldn’t have been able to focus on my finals XD but that spoiler though…it’s very tempting!! haha thanks for the meal!

  3. happinezz001 says:

    Well since the holidays are around the corner things might go a little faster I guess …

  4. Euphmoria says:

    any love for saijaku in the near future?

    • Yuuki says:

      He said he will translate the two volumes Gakusen first so Saijaku will come after. And there already been two volumes of Saijaku so it’s two volumes of Gakusen now.

      • Cyber says:

        yay, love Gakusen. Of course, i love Saijaku as well. There is a lot of potential in this story,just hope doesnt turn on a new Infinity Stratos.

  5. gohanish says:

    sorry but i dont like it at all , will be looking forward to it though

  6. xExorTx says:

    HELL YEAH! DATE! DATE! DATE! DATE! (Ratatoskr is cheering)

  7. John Co says:

    May i ask who Syvia is she the one who uses singing to find Flora?

  8. dualxblades says:

    Ahem…Ayato you lucky bastard.

  9. yascob99 says:

    Well Looks like it’s almost time for me to start editting again =).

  10. GodAtom28 says:

    Hooray, from that little spoiler, it tells us that Ayato finds his sister again! Although there is something wrong with her…

  11. Sittipat says:


  12. biiraiu says:

    Damn this so exciting, I seriously need to start reading Gakusen again \(^o^)/

  13. So, no saijaku volume 3 until gakusen 6 and 7 finished? 🙂

  14. loli-konyuu says:

    huzzah… Best christmast present ever. Thanks setsuna

  15. fizi says:

    setsuna banzai!!!!
    thanks for translating those 3 great light novels!!
    I really love those kind of stories, kind of “they thought he is the weakest, but actually the strongest-class” pattern. just like madan no ou, gakuen toshi, and saijaku. similar with mahouka

  16. harks says:

    hai sestuna after catching up to those three projects, if u can ,can u do strike the blood plllll

  17. SilverBlossom_17 says:

    Better get busy read the Gakusen Toshio Asterisk to kill time waiting for saijaku

  18. kanel says:

    this is what i look like after refresing the site all the time cause the chapter is at 100%

    well dont mind me i will keep waiting here…its that there are SO many loose ends in this story that i want to find out…

  19. happinezz001 says:

    if the translations go on this pace madan should be finished by the start of December
    (i think)
    PS: just me talking don’t take my word for the truth okay no offence

  20. mcgem says:

    when will be SAIJAKU MUHAI NO BAHAMUT volume 3 starts?

  21. happinezz001 says:

    just a question is dualxblades gonna do another multiple release like the one he did on saijaku vol 2 or am I just imagining things

  22. Anon says:

    seems dualxblade will be PRed your script directly in one go :D….
    that way I can enjoy it to the fullest rather having cliffhanger each chapter.

  23. Mikss says:

    Setsuna any news on when Dual will be back? Not whining just asking and would apreciate info. Thanks for good work.

  24. liubeeli says:

    Thanks for posting the date it will be released. I hope dual got everything in real life sorted out fine.

  25. John Co says:

    Setsuna86-sama i think it would be better for the release to be in bulk. All chapters and epilogue will be posted at the same time. Well thats what i think but you are the boss we zombie slaves to the translations cannot voice any complaints. LOL
    On another note its a pretty fast translation you are doing thanks as always and good health.

    • happinezz001 says:

      well we should just let them do the translations and editing on their own pace because it would be much better that way
      PS- no offence intended okay

    • RealSlimShady says:

      I appreciate translations as anyone, but you’re taking your fanatism too far. Don’t lump the rest of the fanbase with people like you who need to check their priorities.

      Also you’re a weeaboo.

  26. sarksz says:

    Wow Setsuna you gonna dual translating 2 ln after madan no ou thats awesome lol thanks for the release btw

  27. John Co says:

    You are on fire sir!!!!. Speed translating the chapters. THanks as always

  28. DuhaJohn says:

    hey setsuna. i found volume 5 of saijaku muhai no bahamut in lndb. here’s the source it will be released at december 13 2014

  29. Daniel Chang says:

    Thanks so much man. Gakusen is like a drug to me.

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