Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 10 – Not exactly a spoiler!!


Tigre, alias “Urz” who borrowed Elizavetta’s power and repelled Baba Yaga, but soon after that, he was flown within an unknown forest by the Demon’s power, and encounter an Muozinel person called Damad.

A sword was thrust at him by Damad investigating Tigre’s whereabouts;Β Tigre was in a crisis of desperate situation.

On the other hand, the three people Lim, Massas and Teita who received Ellen’s orders finally arrived at the castle town of Lebus.

Elizavetta who similarly returned to the castle town made the decision to fight against Baba Yaga once again.

Moreover, Ganelon acted secretly to scatter sparks of a new disturbance in Brune and Zhcted.

While chaos accelerates and the world is tinged with madness beyond knowledge, the era is eagerly waiting for the revival of the Hero.

Release Date: 24 October 2014

BTW, I translate this from MEDIAFACTORY

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66 Responses to Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 10 – Not exactly a spoiler!!

  1. LUCKY BASTARD says:

    uuummm i have a question….
    after you completed translating saijaku vol.2 are you going to TL-ing this or gakusen vol.6??

  2. Ophis says:

    meh, Ellen on the cover again?

    • dualxblades says:

      Thats 3 in a row already..honestly this is a first out of all the harem series I know only Madan has the same girl as the cover 3 times in a row….Not just any girl too but the main heroine, well 3rd times the charm Tigre prob going to reunite with Ellen for good in this VOL hopefully.

    • nathaniel says:

      on the bright side. first time that tigre is in the cover. maybe we’ll see more black bow action from him!

  3. Sarksz says:

    It seems the LN Illustrations change much since vol 9 ,the art different between vol 8 and 9 the change occur since the anime announcement well that my personal observation though lol

  4. TennouKazami says:

    a pleasant surprise along with madan anime 1st episode :3 lol .
    hope their reunion is beautifully written

  5. krambharos95 says:

    dude have you watch the anime yet

  6. daikama says:

    First, THANK YOU for taking the time to translate Vanadis. I picked up the LNs a few months ago and it’s become a favorite series of mine. Glad to know Vanadis vol. 10 is high priority given the cliff-hanger type ending. Very much looking forward to reading it.

    One question, if you don’t mind. Translations for LN volumes 1-5 are “preview” translations (machine based TL if I understand correctly). While I certainly would place vol. 10 as first priority for the series, do you have any plans to TL check the first five volumes (thus removing “preview” status)? Time consuming I’m sure, but on the other hand, as an LN reader it would be nice to know for certain that the TL for volumes 1-5 is accurate. Perhaps a low priority project once translation for volume 10 is complete?

    Lastly, I would be interested in your thoughts about the anime adaptation.

    Again, thank you for all your hard work.

    P.S. What’s with the “Lord Marksman and Vanadis” translation for the title I saw on Wiki? O.o Isn’t the proper translation for the series title “King of the Magic Bullet to Vanadis”?

    • dualxblades says:

      First of all even though the first 5 vols are previews, the person who did the machine translate (MTL) did a very good job, which was enigmatic axiom who actually had knowledge of kanji and whatnot. So while it’s not to the level of say Setsuna’s Madan tls it’s pretty good. So there no pressing need to tl them.

      • daikama says:

        Thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t suggesting that the TL was bad – I have no clue since I can’t read Kanji at all, but the “preview” status does raise questions for English only readers such as myself who can’t determine how accurate those translations are. I realize, and appreciate, Baka Tsuki’s policy towards warning about machine based TL, but if the TL is “very good” as you say, then perhaps removing the “preview” status is warranted without a TL check. Just a thought.

      • dualxblades says:

        Preview is necessary since that part of BT’s policy afterall…and it isn’t tl it’s mtl there a difference and you should remember that. Anyway that is all, and I’m not sure if Setsuna watches anime or not, haven’t heard him mention Madan anime once.

    • jakexx2 says:

      if you mean from vol 1 that was a machine translation so may be a bit different from human translation and many anime have alternative names tho i have no idea since i can’t even read the title

      • daikama says:

        Regarding the Wiki naming, while my knowledge of Romaji is (quite) limited, I do know that “ou” = king. I checked a couple online TL sites (NOT Google, but and and both translated “Madan” as “magic bullet”. So unless I’m severely mistaken, “Lord Accuracy” seems like a terrible translation to me. I know that some series are given alternate names when licensed, but AFAIK, this isn’t licensed. If it’s accurate, what’s wrong with “King of the Magic Bullet to Vanadis”? O.o. Then again, it is Wiki and you can’t take everything for granted. Not a big deal. I was just kind of WTF when I saw that.

      • daikama says:

        Gah, just saw somewhere on another site suggesting the anime is in fact be licensed which would explain the name change. That being said, not sure why a name change was deemed necessary. “King of the Magic Bullet” > “Lord Marksmanship” IMO, but whatever. Like I said, not a big deal. Sorry for the extra post.

      • Darkseid says:
        Wiki is correct.
        And madan to ou to vanadis does mean “Magic Bullet King and Vanadis” so its pretty safe to assume its just the licensed name and not a mistranslation….and here i was thinking “Bladedance of Elementalers” was bad…..

  7. jujutsu says:

    lots of anticipation!

  8. rickiminato says:

    Guys do you like the anime of madam no ou

    • Fuew12 says:

      watch for 3 eps before actually give judgement, well rather disappointed Ellen and Tigre first date was cut from anime

  9. dualxblades says:

    Anime mhmmmm they took out all the long boring parts of the beginning, which is fine by me. However Tigre, Ellen and everybody else look so mature in anime compared to LN Illustrations, which I actually Iike.

    • daikama says:

      Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to SETSUNA86 thoughts as well. Hmm… guess we have different taste since I liked the “boring parts” in the beginning as those gave a lot of character depth & personality not to mention some nice world building. Then again, I like Spice and Wolf a lot too (both LN and anime). In terms of Vanadis’ adaptation, so much left out which IMO does matter.

      For one thing, I thought LN volume 01 provided a good foundation for TIgre/Elen’s relationship, yet there’s really nothing in that regard in the anime. It’s just “there” to the extent it is. Titta had zero character introduction. Actually, most, if not all, of the characters’ depth suffered IMO from material cuts. Other than that, there were anime only changes/additions I disliked such as Tigre blushing almost every second, and… IDK WTF they were going for with Rurick’s over-the-top “comedy”(?) introduction antics. FWIW, I have the feeling the director (who also does series composition) is going to push the Ellen/Tigre romance angle more so than the LN. That anime-only “I want you” when Elen was bathing (and thus naked) could be interpreted in ways other than just for his “bow” which at this point in the story is the case.

      I thought they did a good job with Lim overall, and I agree with you about the character designs. Well, except for Olga’s though TBH I didn’t like her character design in the LN so can’t fault the anime there. The whole pink motif complete with hearts on her axe doesn’t work for me.

      All in all, I’d say EP 01 was OK/watchable, but markedly inferior to the source material. Real shame this didn’t get a 2-cour run (and arguably different staff). Maybe it will improve. Hope so.

      • dualxblades says:

        Yeh 2 cour would be nice. I don’t know the exact number of episodes but correct me if I’m wrong, maybe it’s an extended 1-cour like 14 or 16 episodes who knows. Mahouka was an extended 2- cour with 26 episodes. So it’s going to be 13 episodes… About the romance thing it’s kind of obviously now at the novel current point that Ellen wants Tigre not just for for his bow skills. In fact we got like Sophie, Elizavetta, and Ludmira especially the two latter having romantic affection for him. I’m not including Olga because Tigre ain’t a lolicon and it feels more like the onii-chan kinda relation.

      • daikama says:

        Quick clarification on what I meant about pushing the romance angle. No doubt Ellen at this point in LNs are “likes” Tigre (e.g romance). And yeah, Sophia is showing signs as well. Definitely Elizavetta, and Ludmira too. I’d add Regin (Regan?) as well. πŸ˜‰ I also agree that Olga relationship is an older brother younger sister type.

        My point was that I see the anime fast forwarding Elen x Tigre. Wouldn’t be surprised if they kiss at some point in the anime which, IIRC, they have yet to do in the LN. In other words, in terms of Elen x Tigre, when the anime is “covering” LN vol 03 material, the romance might be portrayed where it is in LN vol. 05. Like I said, just guess on my part, but that anime-only line of “I want you” while Elen’s naked is either just really ill-timed (IMO), or hinting at something which is not present in the LN at that particular point in the story.

        FWIW, a friend of mine who has not read the LNs had this to say about EP 01: “If the LN had any depth to it, it was certainly stripped out by this adaptation. I’ll keep watching for 3 eps but it didn’t wow me.” I sent him a quick reply pointing out that, yes, they cut a lot out and suggested he read LN volume 01. If nothing else, hopefully the anime will encourage people to read the LN. Can’t say that’s true for all adaptations.

        Oh, one last thing. Is it me or did Lunie look much more Pokemon cutesy than you envisioned when reading the LNs? I imagined simply a really small version of a normal looking dragon.

    • Kuratatsu says:

      I was already prepared for this after seeing Olga but they are really cramming a bunch of books into 13 episodes huh…well that just means all the character depth and growth, intriguing war tactics, world building, etc will get thrown out the window & replaced with fan-service while the viewers will be full of harem fans lol. Mmm maybe I’m just overreacting, maybe it gets better…hah.

      Also, “Lord Marksmanship” smh

      • dualxblades says:

        Yeh the Lord Markmenship………but overall the anime for those who haven’t read the ln seems pretty good. It’s prob a big budget production with how good the scenery and characters are.

    • Phillangees says:

      I didn’t like the fact that they removed all of the “boring” (character introduction and development) stuff. Without the narrative Ellen and lim and teita become nothing more than girls with swords (or a broom) and swoon for tiger. This will become far more pronounced as the show progresses. 12 episodes is not enough to do this series justice. Which will inevitably result in people who haven’t read the books just dropping this as yet another fan service tour de force.

      • dualxblades says:

        Maybe the people want fanservice, and who knows they might just do a bunch of flash backs or whatever for the character intros and background. Just have to wait and see.

  10. Drake99 says:

    About the novels front cover, I think a picture of Lim and Teita side by side would have be better. Lim with a angry(tsundere) face and Teita crying with a joyful face.

  11. daikama says:

    FYI for those watching the anime. IDK if this is true or not, but thought I would share anyway. Supposedly, the anime intends to cover volume 1 in 75 min and volumes 2 to vol 6 in 50 min for each of those volumes. 😦 Makes me all the more grateful that Setsuna86 take the time to translate the LNs. Seriously, thank you to everyone involved.

    • 9371MJfraF says:

      from how the first episode went, its quite possible for that to happen when you consider that one episode is about 21 minutes (not including op and endings) so 75 minutes is about 3 episodes for 2 volumes. and for the first 6 volumes its basically a straight linear plot happening right after another, so i think it will be fine. (although LN anime’s are normally seem worse after reading the LN)

      • daikama says:

        I agree on the BD analysis (i.e. 3 eps for first BD, 2 eps for the rest). My post was for the “yeah they’re definitely including volume 06” part. In retrospect, that “confirmation” may not be correct or matter at this point so perhaps I shouldn’t have bothered to post in the first place. My bad. Thing is that while Olga is in the anime, I’ve been hoping that it’s some anime-only cameo with the show ending with vol. 05. Still too much material for one-cour IMO, but a lot better than vol. 06. Ending on vol. 06 (vs. at least finishing the Asvarre part (i.e. go into vol. 07 partly) is just a bad idea IMO.

        As you say, the anime will probably turn out “fine/entertaining enough”, but a lot is gong to get cut – particularly character depth/development, relationship development, world-building etc – things I think make the series superior. Can’t see how the adaptation will come close to the level of source material, when you’re cutting 40-50% (over 50% at this point). That’s frustrating for me since I do like this series a lot (and I’ve not had much luck with adaptation quality the past few seasons :/). Well, discussed it enough as it is (hopefully not too much XD).

    • Lord Jim says:

      This anime adaption so far calls up bad memories of the Campione! anime (particularly that first episode that basically crammed an entire LN volume’s worth of material into it). I understand taking some liberties, but the degree of unnecessary changes and cut material in just the first episode is just sad. Even though I’ve read the LNs, after watching I felt like asking “uh…what’s the story?” And “Lord Marksman”… wth!?! The licensed names recently have been really horrible (of course, I feel as if it’s in part because of crunchyroll…I mean they changed “Catastrophe” to “Apocalypse” in Log Horizon even though the former was used in one of V1’s raw chapter titles)
      Anyways, to setsuna and everyone else working on these tls, I greatly appreciate your efforts, please keep up the good work. And I look forward to Madan volume 10 (and volumes 3 and 4 of Bahamut as well).

  12. Silver says:

    I think due to the nearing release of this book that the translation rate became faster..
    Anyway the faster the better.. Thank you so much for your hard work..

  13. masterkof says:

    Finally book 10. Really cliff hanger in 3 book in a row. I hope the fourth in the 2nd arc would have some kind of ending rather than another cliff hanger. Anyway the one subbing the anime call this anime “lord markman and vanadis” which is so wrong. The song for the anime is quite good by the way. Olga doesn’t look cute enough in the anime which one of the part I dislike but the rest is quite good.

  14. kenneth says:

    i dont know why but they did a poor job of making madan no ou to vanadis and mahouka kou kou no rettousei anime it doesnt even comes close to the LN.

    • setsuna86 says:

      Well personally, I liked Mahouka, but for Madan, though not definitively since it*s only one epsiode released, I don’t like how they cut so many scenes.

      • kenneth says:

        Most of the scenes that i loved in the LN are not that good in the anime already because some of the dialogues were cut an they did a poor job in expressing character facial

  15. Flint says:

    I’m still not fond of the breasts design. What, did they think making them like balloons would increase the characters’ sex appeal?

  16. Kuratatsu says:

    I’ll leave this here for those who haven’t found it yet

  17. QQ says:

    Tnx for your dedication! πŸ˜€

  18. Pripus says:

    Just a question, is Seiken Tsukai no World Break still gonna happen or no? Just curious as you said you were gonna do it back in april.

  19. Kai says:

    This story is ok, The most frustrating thing about the original author is that the author had NO idea how to progress a plot. As much as I like this story, the fact that a small plot that should be short lived (won’t mention any example because of spoiler reasons) is stretched out across numerous books, and then over half the book is exposition (which is unneeded) and in order to stretch these plots that should be done in ONE book the author has to send us to see garbage that plays no role whatsoever to the story, or any character’s, development. Then the Author went crazy with adding drama that wasn’t needed in a lot of situations (again trying not to spoil anything). But, (s)he found one little archetype that they liked and before the first arc is done has beaten that thing death (If you read the very begging of the book you’ll see, it regards the Armies, and the underdog ALWAYS wins in this serious).

    Like I said I like the story itself, I hate the author (not to be mistaken for translator, because it’s not a translation problem I have, it’s a problem with how the story was developed). All the main plots in this serious also go through the problem I mentioned. BTW I have the whole serious that is released, but like watching some anime back in the day (like Inuyasha, and old dragon ball z, sorry fans of that serious) the story drags on, with excessive filler that makes it so that you can skip books entirely, and large sections of the rest of the books without missing many or any important plot points.

  20. you says:

    Thanks for doing the translation of Madan and saijaku. These two are my favourite Lns. Of course I prefer Madan more though πŸ™‚ so I really happy to hear that you prioritize madan :).

  21. Sai says:

    Yoh. Looks like vol 10 Raws are up. πŸ˜‰
    Good luck with battling against the translations.

  22. gmsai says:

    Thank you very much Setsuna, for the translations πŸ™‚ love it !

  23. forgetfulelk says:

    im curious, is Regin even going to be in the anime??? And my analysis of the anime is that they will end with Tigre falling from the boat.

    • Storm says:

      Most probably Regin will be on the anime, however it will cover until Thenardier’s defeat. The anime will cover only until volume 5 of the LN and will only have 13 episodes.

      • forgetfulelk says:

        yeah i realized that too after watching ep5 of the anime, no way they will cover the Olga’s arc.

      • daikama says:

        @forgetfulelk & Storm: If the anime doesn’t plan to at least cover part of Olga’s arc, then why is Olga in the anime?

        Setsuna: looking forward to vol 10 & thanks for the hard work. πŸ˜€

      • Storm says:

        Well there is always the probability of a second season, if Olga’s arc is indeed excluded in the current anime.

        I’m rotting for more anime though.

  24. sonofsparda1 says:

    so has volume 10 been translated yet?

    • TheLaG says:

      already 1st chapter done, you can track how much is ready buy checking Recent Messages @ top right corner beneath main menu πŸ™‚

  25. stardrago says:

    So, after the editor finishes the last two chapters, how long until they will be posted as well as on baku-tsuki?

  26. Bad Guy says:

    Is the magic bullet king and the black dragon king the same person?

  27. happinezz001 says:

    dual blades having RL problems ?

    PS no offence just asking

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