Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 6 Spoilers

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 6 – 懐国凱戦



The spoiler is something I translate from the page od mediafactory. Here it is:

Ayato and Julis who conquered the Phoenix after a fierce battle. Though Ayato and company enjoyed a transient daily life, they were invited to Julis’ native land Rizeltania and headed to Europe. Ayato and company entered in Rizeltania by München where Saya’s parents lived. But, they were rolled up in the championship triumphant return parade by Julis’ older brother’s ―― the King’s arrangement. Although he also participated in luxurious events such as the evening party in the royal palace, Ayato got to know the problems the nation called Rizeltania had and Julis’ affliction. Meanwhile, Julis and Ayato witnessed the Venomous Witch’s figure――!?

“Come back, Ophelia. The world where you should be is not there.”

The past and the present blended and the story advanced to the next stage!



Finally, the Venomous Witch Ophelia makes her appearance. And regarding the sentence “Come back, Ophelia. The world where you should be is not there”, I think it’s Ayato who says it so as to pull her to their side. Well, it’s only my opinion though.

The release date of this volume is the 25-06-2014, so this month. Which doesn’t give me so much room to rest.

Well, I have decided to translate Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Volume 1 before translating this volume 6. There are a lot of people who are waiting for it after all. And I think that Gakusen vol 6 can wait another month.

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23 Responses to Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 6 Spoilers

  1. zack shiba says:

    cant wait for this going be good dont mind waiting tho as all the translations you do are very good storys keep up the good work and thanks for translating 🙂

  2. Natsume says:

    Ahhhh can’t wait for it !! I hope you’ll finish Saijaku vol.1 quickly. Really want to read it.

  3. sugoi thank you for the update tetsuna sama and i cant wait for bahamut

  4. Thanks setsuna
    Works for since when we finally get the translation for Gakusen 6, 7 might be just round the corner

  5. krambharos95 says:

    thank you dude for this i cant wait for Saijaku vol 1 and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 6 to read

  6. dm says:

    Thanks for translating these series.
    I hope your translation order means you will be done with Madan and well on your way with Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Volume 1 progress by the time you expect to get your Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 6. If not any chance your can do Gakusen 1st, while I am very interested in Saijaku, I would much prefer to read the continuation to a series I am currently reading 1st than starting a new one.

    • Natsume says:

      Yeah, i think so too. I prefer continue reading Gakusen than reading a new series.
      It’s better to finish a series than starting a new one. (Sorry if my english is not really good, i’m French. i can read english but have some problems for writting ^^’)

  7. rawrrawr says:

  8. puppetMaster says:

    Is it only me, or her hair design was pretty much like Claudia. With her having white (silver) hair while Claudia have a yellow (gold) hair.

    • setsuna86 says:

      Yes, I also made the same remark. Maybe a connection with Claudia?

      • puppetMaster says:

        Well, either that or the author run out of the girl design.
        The only speculation i can came up from previous volume and the preview was the fact that she probably came from Lieseltania kingdom. Know Julis one way or another (probably she belong from the orphanage) and at some point she betray Julis.
        Btw, thanks for the update in Vanadis. really appreciate it

  9. DarkSilverSky says:

    I am happy to get to see new characters but i wanna know what’s happening to ayato’s sister. On a sidenote maybe she’s the last boss?

    • DancingCloud says:

      if she’s the last boss that would be cool(aka antagonist),or if she is a prisoner held by Medias is fine as well, but i got this dreadful feeling she is going to turn out to be one of those sad girls that is a good person but is in love with Medias who is a twisted psycho so no matter how much it hurts her she cant disobey the man she loves. That would completely ruin my image of the cool older sister.

      • setsuna86 says:

        Well, I think it would be the other way around, that’s, Madias loves her and it’s an unrequited love, as she’s a brocon. And for some reason we don’t know yet, she was trapped and now retained.

  10. FunkyBacon says:

    Yaaaaay~ one more step into saijaku getting translated~

  11. Shin says:

    Hi, thanks for the spoiler and for you translations ! I personally think that it’s better to finish “Gakusen” than start “Saijaku”. “Gakusen” is already caught up while “Saijaku” have only one chapter. I think you should finish “Gakusen” and translate “Saijaku” after (like that you can do all volumes of “Saijaku” in a row). It’s my opinion but if you want to start with “Saijuku”, i’m okay too.
    Anyway, Thanks for “Gakusen” vol.5 and for ‘Madan” vol.9 !!

    • setsuna86 says:

      I understand what you say, but there is also the fact that I promise to begin Saijaku in July. Besides, if I don’t do as I say, I don’t think that there will be ever time to translate Saijaku, since when I will finish translating Gakusen volume 6, Madan vol 10 will be out. And I will translate Madan, another Gakusen volume will be out.
      And as I said before, the LN I give priority to is Madan. So whenever, it will come out, I will first translate it before looking at other LN.

      • Shin says:

        Ah ok, do you have any idea when you will start “Gakusen v.6” ? (an approximate time)

      • setsuna86 says:

        After I finished the translation of Saijaku vol 1. Don’t worry, Saijaku vol 1 isn’t long, so I will finish it in less than one month. And then begin with Gakusen vol 6.

  12. bludvein says:

    I doubt it’s Ayato speaking, since his commentary makes it obvious that they have never met. That dialogue sounds too personal. I’m guessing it’s Julis or Dirk.

  13. Ka-chan says:

    IMO, regarding the sentence “Come back, Ophelia. The world where you should be is not there”
    I think it’s probably Julis who said that given the fact that she somewhat knows who Ophelia is, based from her hesitation when the group talked about her in Volume 2. :3

  14. Setsuna its it true that Gakusen Toshi Asterisk will be having an anime adaption?
    Just curious 🙂

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