I have been asked a question about how I will proceed with the released of Madan vol 9 at the end of this month. I will do as followed: after finishing translating Gakusen vol 5, I will begin with the new released vol 9 of Madan and then finally begin the translation of Saijaku.

Concerning Saijaku, the prologue and a part of chapter 1 of volume 1 has already been done by codezero. So later, I will complete the chapter 1 on BT before proceeding with here on my blog first.

And finally, I would like to say that I will translate chapters 6, 7 and the epilogue of Gakusen before posting them all here. Hope you’ll have enough patience to wait all that.

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  1. ophiis says:

    Thank you for informing us setsuna. 😀

  2. GenesiD says:


  3. Anon says:

    so vol 6 of gakusen that comes in june will be done after saijaku?

  4. g3neis says:

    Thanks a ton… Looking forward to everything (lol)….
    Just a request… could you complete ch1 of saijaku before going to c6 of gakusen???… Its just that an incomplete chapter is like an itch that can’t be scratched… Thanks if possible but ultimately ur choice..

  5. ates oguz says:

    Hi i like your translations a lot and thank you for for bringing us good LN to read! i just wanted to know if you are still going to post your translations on baka-tsuki?

  6. fox says:

    thanks dude, u should take as long as need to finish

  7. John Co says:

    Dude you are already doing us a great favor by translating this patience is but a requirement for readers. 🙂

  8. Chaos66 says:

    Thanks! I really like yours translations, looking forward for more.

  9. lunarhythm says:

    I agree with everyone else here on the comments. Thank you very much for your time and efforts in translating Madan, Gakusen and Saijaku. But please don’t overexert yourself, take your time with these projects. Your work is already greatly appreciated by people such as myself. We will have as much patience as needed. Once again thank you for your continued efforts!

  10. thx for vol 5 chp 1-5
    but i have a litle question about chp 6 and 7 can setsuna-sama tell me when that chp finish cuz cant wait for the batle
    and thx agai 🙂

  11. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    hello setsuna could you perhaps tell us about how long do you believe it will take for the other 2 chapters?no need to be exact an idea would be fine

  12. DuhaJohn says:

    better if u give a statement like that so we know what happen to u now. ty, keep up for the good work and im w8ing for the saijaku vol 1

  13. thanks for your hard work traslating this novels

  14. zack shiba says:

    thanks for the translations can wait for chapther 6 and 7 for the finals 🙂 when is the release date of madan?

  15. setsuna san here
    there are image of the volume 9 of madam this vomume will be epic

    • John Co says:

      Is that tigre beside elizavetta naked O.O
      Two girls are already fighting over him(literally last volume).
      So excited what will happen between ellen and elizavetta.

  16. sirius) says:

    is editing still not finished i wanna to read it so badly

  17. raj says:

    sir knight setsuna , thanks for all your hard work ….one quick questions …are you going to translate the 3 volumes of SAIJAKU before proceeding to ASTERISK ?

  18. Forkys says:

    How it look with editing? When could it be approximately finished?

  19. sirius) says:

    dear editor,
    please get well soon……..

  20. John Co says:

    Get well soon Editor!!!.

  21. Natsume says:

    Hi, can’t you just post the unedited version ? and the Editor will edit later.
    Thanks for your translations !

    • yascob99 says:

      I would like to say yes but even for me some of it does not make too much sense until I read it over more that once. However, that does not matter too much because I’m done with chapter 6 and am working on chapter 7. I’m sorry for the delay though.

      • borderinginsanity says:

        If you could post chapter 6 first that would be great because i’m literally starving for it. if not it’s okay.

      • Natsume says:

        Ok, i hope you’re feeling well now. Can you post the Chapter 6 first ? but it’s ok if you can’t. Thanks for your hard work and Good Luck !

  22. P Dockins says:

    Great work thanks!!! will you continue with vol #8 and #9 of Gakusen ?

  23. Chingaruna517 says:

    Don’t you mean the 13th volume of the Vanadis series? ’cause one is for certain that I hope you are not doing things half way…..

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